B-Mo Fit of Sarasota, Florida, Announces Launch of New Year’s Transformation Contest

Trainer Maureen Corristan with Pam Shoosmith
Trainer Maureen Corristan with Pam Shoosmith

SARASOTA, FL – Several participants from across the county will take part in a B-Mo Fit contest to cut the most inches from their waistlines. The most impressive transformation will win $500. Starting January 20, B-Mo Fit owner Maureen Corristan will combine intense metabolic training with targeted improvements in nutrition to challenge contestants to lose as much fat as they can in a healthful manner.


“I’m all about people changing their lives for the better,” Corristan said. “Unfortunately, in the modern age, there is an overload of information available – both good and bad – so when people try to figure it out on their own, they are so paralyzed by the many choices that they fail to take the first step. We are making it as easy and transparent as possible. We take out all the guesswork.”


The rigorous and well-researched six-week program consists of small group personal training three days per week. Over the past six years at B-Mo Fit, this challenging training regimen has proven extremely successful, shedding more than 1,000 pounds from area residents.


“Many of our members have never looked and never felt better, even moms holding fulltime jobs,” Corristan explained. “We truly believe that our system has been tested and tweaked to the point that it will produce some amazing results with this batch of motivated participants.”


Contestants will be taught to develop habits that will allow them to add years onto their lives through consistent training, social accountability and nutritional counseling.


“This isn’t just a quick fix. We want to help these people get their lives back,” Corristan said.


Over six weeks starting January 20, B-Mo Fit will be chronicling the contest on its Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/bmofit. Photos, videos, and updates will be made public weekly. For more information on how to transform your life, contact Maureen Corristan at Maureen@bmofit.com or (941) 320-6507.


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For more information about B-Mo Fit, please contact Sheila Brannan Longo of Thomas & Brannan Communications at (941) 355-3006 or Sheila@ThomasBrannan.com.


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