Sarasota Tennis Pro Back on the Court Just 2 Weeks After Hip Replacement

Julio, 66, back on the tennis courts after his SuperPATH Hip Replacement procedure
Julio, 66, back on the tennis courts after his SuperPATH Hip Replacement procedure

Julio, a 66-year-old Sarasota resident, moved to the United States from Venezuela forty years ago to go to school and chase his passion – tennis. Julio received a tennis scholarship from Pan American University, continued playing competitively. Today, Julio is a certified USPTA Level 1 teaching professional and makes his living as a tennis instructor. However, the decades he spent on the tennis court led to a great deal of wear and tear on his left hip, causing pain so debilitating that he could barely keep up in his own profession.


The problems started in early 2012, when Julio started to feel discomfort in his hip as he was teaching at a local tennis club in Sarasota. At first, he did not think much of it because he was bound to pull a muscle from time to time. Although the discomfort was progressively getting more difficult to handle, Julio did not let it affect his life to the point where he gave up playing. Instead, he took longer breaks in between lessons and verbally instructed his students versus demonstrating the correct form. However, the pain continued to get worse and icing it or taking over the counter pain medication provided only temporary relief.  

A year after the ordeal began Julio’s friend suggested he schedule an appointment with Dr. John Moor of Advanced Sports Medicine. Dr. Moor first recommended cortisone shots, however those were also a temporary fix. Since Julio’s professional and recreational life was centered on tennis and very much in jeopardy, he knew he needed to find a permanent solution.

In April 2013, Julio and Dr. Moor discussed other options to relieve the pain. Being an avid tennis player himself, Dr. Moor could relate to Julio’s urgency and after taking an MRI, recommended Julio undergo the SuperPATH® Hip Replacement Technique by Microport. The SuperPATH procedure is a less-invasive option than other hip-replacement methods and Dr. Moor explained that this procedure often results in minimal post-operative pain and a faster hospital recovery.

SuperPATH® is a method whereby the implant is built inside the body, so the hip is not dislocated or twisted into unnatural positions during surgery and nearby muscles and tendons are not severed, which is a common element to many other hip procedures.

Julio returned home after his appointment and educated himself further through the SuperPATH website where he read and watched several patient testimonials. Understanding how beneficial and life-changing the procedure was for several sufferers cemented his decision to move forward with the surgery.

In May 2013, Julio underwent the SuperPATH hip replacement procedure. That same day, he was on his feet with the aid of a walker and was discharged from the hospital just 48 hours later. After only four days, he was walking without any assistance and amazed at how little pain he felt.

Julio began physical therapy at Dr. Moor’s facility and two weeks later, was back on the tennis courts giving lessons with minimal pain. Nearly three weeks later – and just six weeks after receiving his new hip - Julio was running around the courts pain free.

“My hip was affecting my entire life and limited the amount of tennis I could play,” said Julio. “My new hip has allowed me to stay on the courts. Plus, I can’t believe how quickly I recovered! It was the best decision I have ever made.” 


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