Exceptional Addresses in Sarasota

Truly unique and exceptional properties on the market in Sarasota are "such stuff as dreams are made on" to borrow a line from Shakespeare.

Fortunate are the people of Sarasota. 

Blessed to live in a location with marvelous open beaches, mild climate and friendly waters, it is no small wonder that many people of wealth choose this town for their first, second, third or even fourth luxury home.

As a consequence, some truly exceptional and unique properties have been constructed along these shores. For 70 years, the Sarasota School of Architecture has been making an impact here, which in turn encourages other bold displays of nouveau style.

Two neighborhoods in particular stand out for exceptional construction: The Sanderling Club on south Siesta Key and Lido Key, home to St Armand's Circle. 

From time to time, these modern classics appear on the market, frequently sporting price tags that remind the less well-heeled of the adage, "If you have to ask the price then you can't afford it."

Nonetheless, everyone likes the chance to peek at these marvels of architecture and lifestyle.


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