Kyle Is Jumping For Joy Hoping You Will Adopt Him

This week's adoptable dog is Kyle, a lab mix puppy.

Hi, my name is Kyle. 

I’m just a Lab mix pup, and I love to do puppy things—running around the yard really fast, playing, jumping up on and off of benches. 

I’ve been called "spring loaded," because I can really jump. I’m a little guy, but I can jump twice my height, and I love it! 

The volunteers here have started me on the agility equipment, and guess what my favorite is?  The jumps, of course!

I still need house training, leash and obedience training, but I’m more than willing to learn.  I love being around people, and I’m pretty smart, too.  And cute.  Did I mention that? 

Please come play with me at the Humane Society and take me home!


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