Lost Pet Hotline Created For Siesta Key

Edwards Jones financial advisor Judi Moore began the lost pet hotline to help residents, visitors to be reunited with their pets.

Judi Moore helps find people the best investments for their money, and now she wants to help people find their lost pets on Siesta Key.

The Siesta Key Edward Jones financial adviser said she decided to start a new pet hotline, 941-749-LOOK (5665), exclusively for Siesta Key after inspired that the key's residents helped find a lost dog in September that was found at Sarasota County Animal Services. The hotline went live Nov. 6.

Pets can get away from their owners for a variety reasons, whether it's loud noise, being scared or just getting loose from their post. 

But it's not just Siesta Key permanent residents who lose their pets—snowbirds and tourists might lose their dog or cat because of new surroundings, or a variety of reasons, Moore said at the Dec. 6 Siesta Key Association meeting. 

More and more visitors to the key are toting their pet along for the ride, said Siesta Key Association President Catherine Luckner.

"More than half of our tourists come with their animals," Luckner said.

Moore doesn't live on the key, but she spends plenty of time on it working at Edward Jones and just wanted to help out her clients and community. 

"Let's get these babies home that were lost," Moore said.

Moore used to work for AT&T, so creating and activating a hotline was a snap for her, and using it is just as easy.

"It rings to my personal cell phone and disseminates through my cell phone and through my personal email," Moore said. 

When a pet is lost or found, an email blast will be sent out to the members of the list, she said. Lost and found pet notices can also be found on the Siesta Key Lost Pet Hotline Facebook page.

The only way the hotline is going to work is if people sign up, she said.

You can register one of several ways:


Kathryn Baker December 10, 2012 at 11:09 PM
I think this is a great idea. I don't know why it should be limited to Siesta Key...dogs and cats get lost all over Sarasota.


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