Pinecraft In Prime Time: What You're Saying

Folks are chiming in on Patch and Facebook about Pinecraft's place on prime time television.

The filming of Breaking Amish and an incident on Amish Mafia "reality" shows in Sarasota has folks weighing in on Patch about Pinecraft's place in prime time.

What inherently makes the shows controversial as the community, and public at large, has recognized is that the shows are presented as a documentary where everything is true, but not everyone or everything is as it seems, and what's real is bled into what's enhanced or re-enacted.

Folks in Sarasota's Amish and Mennonite community are concerned about being exploited because of their religion, and one that shys away from cameras, and Patch readers have weighed in on their views on these shows and Pinecraft's place in them:

"I refuse to watch either show, in fact I haven't even watched TLC at all since I told them on their fb page that I was boycotting their channel because of their reaLIEty show Breaking Amish. These channels and these people are USING the Amish & Mennonites to make money because they know the Amish and Mennonites won't fight back but they didn't take into account how many friends of theirs will!" — Cathy Cavalcante Faist

"Amish Mafia isn't real...? Say it isn't so ! ...What a bunch of morons they found for that show..Lebanon Levi reminds me of Spanky in charge of Our Gangs 'He Mans Woman Haters Club'... I remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel...That was a long time ago..Now they look for any freak society to exploit, whether it's Little People,(2 different shows) A loon mother with 8 kids, the Amish, the Hutterites, mediums who speak to the dead, people with crazy addictions...I'm sure I'm just scratching the surface..lowest common denominator for starters." —JB

"I live in the heart of Amish country in Ohio and frankly I am sick and tired of people thinking that the amish are such great people. They are just as human as we are and do all of the thing that the "outside" world does. They have generators in their basements to charge cell phones, have affairs, neglect their children, beat their wives, molest and even rape. The are not perfect and if their is a dollar to be made they will be first in line. Like I said they are just as human as the rest of us!" — Just another face in the crowd

"I worked at Walmart for 3 years the Amish were their daily buying the same things you and I buy. Things such as batteries, clothes, shoes, toys, things that use electric and much more including food (of all types even pop, produce & meat)The first of the month I've even seen them cashing Social security checks and welfare checks. They use foodstamps, etc. Im not saying all Amish are like this but I'd say there are few that truely live the Amish culture 100% or even close to it. This is the 20th century they are getting more and more custom to our lifestyles. My grandpa has many "Amish" friends I spent many hours/days growing up with grandpa visiting with the amish Trust me they arent perfect and the Amish children are getting more and more curiious of our "normal" lifestyles as time goes on and many are breaking complettely away from Amish when they age out theres more mennonites than amish but even they have bad and good ppl."—AmishArentPerfectTheySin2

Do you plan on watching Amish Mafia and Breaking Amish when it features Pinecraft? What type of filming is acceptable in Pinecraft? Tell us below.

Tom Romano March 08, 2013 at 09:15 PM
the 2 so called mafia leaders are just as stupid as can be, especially that moron in Ohio
Emanuel Shrock March 09, 2013 at 12:51 AM
There is no such thing as the Amish Mafia. I know, because I grew up Amish and left about 18 years ago. My parents, 12 brothers and sister and 116 neices and nephews are still all Amish. It's all just made up for a show.


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