Sarasota Community Complex Hosting 'Lose Big, Win Bigger' Challenge

The Robert L. Taylor Community Complex (RLTCC) kicks off its first annual fitness challenge Feb. 3.

The following is a news release from the city of Sarasota: 

To promote healthy living, the Robert L. Taylor Community Complex (RLTCC) presents its first annual Fitness Challenge called “Lose Big, Win Bigger” starting Monday, February 3, 2014 and is sponsored in part by h.h.gregg.


During the challenge, RLTCC will also host a series of diverse and interactive events that will provide valuable incentives and ongoing support for the participants. The challenge will feature benefits such as healthy eating and cooking demonstrations, tips on strategies for successful weight loss, documentaries, and informative seminars by the Community Healthy Action Team (CHAT) that focus on gardening and creating nutritious meals. “The fitness challenge is a friendly area competition designed to help community members get into shape and improve their overall health.  It’ a great way to kick-off the New Year and hopefully encourage a life-long commitment toward fitness,” said, Jerry Fogle, RLTCC Manager.


The Lose Big, Win Bigger fitness challenge will run for eight weeks, beginning with the weigh-in on Monday, February 3rd and Tuesday February 4th and the weigh-out on Monday, March 31st and Tuesday, April 1st.  The winners will be announced at a ceremony on Wednesday, April 2nd with an opportunity to win major prizes such as, a flat-screen LED TV, a Tablet and a Blu-ray DVD player.


The entry fee will be $30, which includes a two month Full Access Pass at RLTCC, three free fitness classes per week (Yoga, Zumba and The Blend Zone) and a Lose Big, Win Bigger t-shirt.  To enter the competition, register at the front desk of Robert L. Taylor Community Complex and weigh-in with a staff member.  Registration is already open to the public. The entry fee is due at the time of registration.


For more information, contact Jerry Fogle or Emily Oberlin at 941-954-4182 or visit the Robert L. Taylor Complex website at: http://www.RLTaylor.com 

Pete Hansen January 25, 2014 at 06:47 PM
So I see that Sarasota is joining the bandwagon on rewarding overweight people! Good for you.. I have been physically fit my entire life. It seems that if I want to be appreciated for my hard work, I need to get as fat as possible and then loose weight again? What's next..rewarding smokers? If you quit smoking, the city will give you 10 grand? How about this... lets get all the meth heads together with the pill heads, and give them money to stop doing drugs! I could go on forever. The point is that overweight people should not be rewarded for ANYTHING! especially obese people! People come up with excuses like "It's a glandular problem" or "It's in my genes"..it's all a crock! Fat people walking around being rewarded tells my children that it's ok to consume as much garbage as possible and treat your body like crap.. because YOU CAN GET PAID FOR LOOSING IT?.. Great message Sarasota!! Pretty soon, we will have people dressed up a cows promoting Chick-fil-a in Sarasota public schools!...oh wait..that already happened..Its why my son is no longer there.... Wake up, morons!! Love Pete
Pete Hansen January 25, 2014 at 06:48 PM
Make sure there is a clause in the contract stating that the winner can't eat the blu ray player or tablet..


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