Fast Life Mural on Tube Dude Plant Removed

Painters spent Friday covering up the Fast Life mural on the Tube Dude plant ending months of controversy

The notable Fast Life mural has died, albeit a slow death.

Painters spent Friday afternoon painting over the mural at the Tube Dude plant on 10th Street and Central Avenue. The mural was painted by artist MTO for the Sarasota Chalk Festival's and its various interpretations sparked debate for the last five-plus months.

Though its detractors assumed racial overtones, the tattoo and hands were real, from a white surfer/skater and .

Scott Gerber, owner of Tube Dude,l, but led to a and County Commissioner Carolyn Mason that the mural would come down in 30 days and a festival/block party would be held the day before to celebrate a new initiative.

Gerber told WWSB that another piece of art is in the works for the space:

He says something else will eventually go up in its place. "We're going to put something up there, and I'm sure that whatever we put up there, it’ll create controversy too, so we'll just see what the next thing is."

However, it doesn't sound like it will involve Kowal or the Chalk Festival.

Kowal e-mailed Patch Friday morning saying the Chalk Festival will no longer be partnering with Gerber after the delay and blown deadline.

"We are moving forward with the property owners north of Scott along Central Avenue as planned," Kowal wrote.

and Patch received an expalnation from Mason who said Gerber told her that he was too busy with orders for his sculptures, and another from Kowal doubting Gerber ever told MTO he was going to remove the mural, to kick off the process.

Friday marked 56 days since the press conference, and more than 160 days since the mural was installed.

John Darling April 07, 2012 at 12:42 PM
It's unfortunate that the "Fast Life Mural" was such a cause for concern. As I drive through the city I see many more areas of greater import that could herald the invasion of urban blight. Actual graffitti is encroaching in all of the districts of the city. I have even seen it on privacy walls in affluent neighborhoods. That is real graffitti. That should be addressed with a fervor greater than that which came to bear on the "Tube Dude". I suggest that the residents of the city that took umbrage to the "artistic mural" drive around our fair city and gaze upon all that it has to offer!


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