Study: Sarasota Has Some of the Most Sensitive Men

Sarasota lands on dating site Chemistry.com as one of 10 cities where you can find yourself a sensitive man.

How often does your man buy you flowers? And if it's a lot, by chance, is he from Sarasota?

A recent Chemistry.com survey found that Sarasota is one of the top 10 homes to finding a sensitive man:

“Men do have a sensitive side. They want to please. But different men do it differently; and these 10 cities are packed with a certain kind of man, what I call BUILDERS — men who express a constellation of personality traits linked with the serotonin system in the brain,” says Dr. Helen Fisher, Chief Scientific Advisor to Chemistry.com.

(Do you want to share your sensitive man with Sarasota? Upload a photo of him on this story and tell us why he's sensitive.)

Fisher also told The Huffington Post that there several traits to these men. They are:

"traditional, conventional. They follow the rules, they respect authority, they're meticulous and orderly." And when it comes to relationships, "They want to behave. They want to do it right," she said. "They're the least likely to go racing off on a honeymoon. They want their friends to like the person. They value the rules of courtship."

Men responded to Chemistry's 56-point personality test used as the basis of Fisher's findings.

The Huffington Post takes it from there to explain:

"In order to compile the results, the site looked at one statement respondents were asked to confirm or deny on the test: "I am very sensitive to people's feelings and needs." All of the respondents who "strongly agreed" were then grouped by city. Ta-da!" 

Other cities on the list include:

• Pompano Beach, Florida

• Roanoke, Virginia

• West Hollywood, California

• Nashville

• Buffalo

• Greenville, South Carolina

• Wilmington, North Carolina

• Indianapolis

• Staten Island, New York

Charles Schelle (Editor) January 21, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Had a good question e-mailed to me from a woman asking where you can find one of these sensitive men described by Chemistry.com in Sarasota. Any answers out there to help her out? I'm sure the sponsors of the study would say Chemistry.com but there has to be some real world places to meet someone here if there's all that sensitivity going around.


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