Building Your Dream Home

Some buyers today are choosing to build instead of buying a resale. Here are some lots to choose from and some general pointers if you are thinking of building.

Buyers not finding what they want in resale are continuing to consider building their own new home. While many good builders are in town and have developments large and small, finding a good lot and a good architect and / or builder can create difficult and sometimes confusing choices for home builders.

Choosing to build a home is largely a process in reverse. Once the financial aspects (pre-approval and construction loan availability) are dealt with, the home builder can look at what it will take to build their home. 

Because of permitting issues and possible homeowner restrictions, it is advisable first to get a good idea of what kind of home to build, and to select the architect and / or builder. Fortunately, Sarasota abounds with quality in both fields, but a home builder would still want to do his or her homework and compare styles and costs.  It is advisable to see what work the architect / builder has already done and if possible speak with those homeowners about their experience.  

Once the costs are known for the construction, the home builder can select neighborhoods based upon budget and the ones that will not have restrictions to the construction of their dream property. Sarasota, with its no-growth policy, does provide many opportunities for new builds in established neighborhoods.

Many of the "vacant" land listings in Sarasota actually have a property still on them.  This is good and awkward at the same time. It can provide precedence, a building slab, but also means demolition fees.  Further, if it was constructed before 1974, there may disposal charges for lead paint and / or asbestos products used in the construction (most asbestos was used back before the 1950s in shingles, flooring and sometimes ceiling tiles).

If it is a waterfront (especially ocean/beach front), an existing building can help make the case for a new house.  But changes or natural movements of the Gulf can create changes in Coastal Construction lines which exist to help preserve the coastline, not to make a home builder's life difficult. Ocean or beach front building requires permits that are issued by the state and permits can take up to two years before being approved.  

Time is a key ingredient required for building a home. It is best to be able to personally visit the building site and inspect progress.  A permitter from the county is not going to care if those lumps of concrete on the slab stay there and carpet is laid over it.  But you probably will. 

A project as large and costly and permanent as a house deserves to have the research conducted before commiting to it.  


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