Magazine Says Sarasota Is An 'Underrated' Innovative City

"Fast Company" lists Sarasota as one of 10 "Underrated Hotbeds of American Innovation"

In the eyes of an entrepreneurial magazine, Sarasota is one innovative city that doesn't get its due.

Fast Company magazine has named Sarasota as one of 10 Underrated Hotbeds of American Innovation.  

A hat tip goes to the folks at the innovative , who flagged this story to Patch. Saratopia — a HuB Studios product — gets a mention in the two-sentence by Fast Company:

Media companies are sprouting up in Sarasota. Other local startups hope to process plasma for medical research and to serve the film industry, which is expected to grow with new tax credits from the state. The guardians of the city's burgeoning startup scene often clash with the older crowd, a dynamic parodied relentlessly in the Portlandia-inspired web series Saratopia.

So you have the film industry, medical research, new media companies, and a generational clash all receiving nods in Sarasota.

The position of Sarasota on the list has an interesting juxtaposition beside Bentonville, Arkansas — the headquarters of Walmart. , Fast Company recognizes that the company's presence of its corporate headquarters in Arkansas is attracting start-up companies abound.

Other cities on the list include Buffalo, Detroit, Nashville, St. Paul, Minn., Rochester, N.Y., Madison, Wis., Richmond, Va., and Colorado Springs, Col.


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