Meet The Owner: Phantom Tactical Training

Phantom Tactical Training Owner Jason Burdick is based in Parrish and is partnering with a Sarasota business for classroom weapons and defensive training.

Meet the owner Jason Burdick and his business Phantom Tactical Training in five short videos above that explores five areas of his business.

When Jason Burdick medically retired from the military, he was looking for more.

He graduated from police academy, but he felt teaching was more his suit than being a law enforcement officer. Instead, he decided to take all the skills he acquired and mastered in the military and start his own tactical training firm.

"In light of what I've seen with people who carry weapons and not really know how to use them, I decided I could better my community and better the people around me by teaching them how to confidently and competently use a firearm," Burdick tells Patch. 

Burdick spent 10 years in the Army, eight years spent in special operations, was a Blackhawk crew chief, flew with the 160th special operations regiment and with the 12th aviation special operations brigade in Washington, D.C. He also spent time as an Army combative instructor, and spent time in charge of several other types of military training for various units.

Despite all that military background, Burdick doesn't bring a military attitude.

"We're looking to have a good time. We try to keep the environment happy. I'm not a drill instructor; I'm done with the military," Burdick said. "When we do teach, we keep it light."

Burdick is the owner and chief instructor at Parrish-based Phantom Tactical Training. He is teaming up with one of his best friends, Michael Crea, owner of the new Survive Anything store, where Burdick hosts the classroom portion of his tactical training.

The concealed weapons classes offered at Survive Anything cost $60 and comes with a one-year membership to an indoor gun range. Classes are held every Tuesday at 6 p.m. You can pre-register at the store, 2115 Siesta Drive, Sarasota, or call 941-981-0182.

"Nobody should have to pay a lot of money how to survive or how to protect themselves," Burdick said.

Burdick provides the paperwork and coursework in order for people to successfully apply for a state concealed weapons permit. No gun ownership is necessary for his classes — in fact, the rule is to keep them at home. Weapons for training are provided at the gun range, Burdick said.

Beyond those classes, Burdick offers a variety of classes ranging from defensive pistol training ($125), to tactical pistol, tactical carbine, tactical shotgun, precision rifle, self defense courses and private courses. Call 941-704-0339 or email jason@phantomtacticaltraining.com for more pricing information.

Eventually, Burdick would like to offer events, including a survival outing in a remote park, and a zombies versus humans game that involves paintball. He's still working the details out on that last one.

"The survival thing — it's camping with buddies, and it's a lot of fun," Burdick said.

Find Phantom Tactical Training on Facebook.


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