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'Spring Breakers' Movie Trailer Released

Do you recognize any Sarasota and Tampa Bay locales in the movie trailer?

It looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez got themselves in quite the pickle in "Spring Breakers," which was shot in Sarasota and Tampa Bay.

The trailer for the movie was released today, premiering on MTV.com and then making its way to YouTube. The two starlets along with James Franco and Ashley Benson shot interior scenes inside a student's dorm at Ringling College of Art and Design in March 2012.

The plot revolves around the girls robbing a restaurant to pay for their spring break adventure, only to get out of jail from James Fraco's character Alien (Ale-leen), who uses the girls for his crime ring.

From what we can gather from watching the trailer, the student's dorm was transformed into a drug dealer's paradise with guns all over the wall, with more assault weapons and money spread out over the bed. A more detailed scene inside the dorm appears in this uncensored leaked clip (Not Suitable For Work), which you'll need headphones for or ear muffs for the kids.

The Herald-Tribune spoke to that student in 2012 who was asked to have her dorm used last year:

"Student Sarah Reynolds, a computer animation major, waited outside her dorm in the hot sun while the movie was being shot inside Tuesday. She was informed via email that production would take over the dorm from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Unlike fans who waited for autographs or photos or even just a peek at the stars Monday, Reynolds said she is not starstruck by the movie crew's presence.

Reynolds said "it would be cool, but whatever" to get a glimpse of Selena Gomez, the singer and star of several Disney and other children's movies. While some students are working as movie extras, Reynolds laughed and said she has too much homework for that."

Most people in the area though would be able to recognize the exterior scenes which includes shots of a joyride down the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, scooter scenes and pool parties in St. Pete Beach.

Will we be able to recognize other places around Sarasota and Tampa Bay? We'll have to wait when the movie is released March 29. 

Based on the trailer, will you see Spring Breakers?


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