Groceries/Food: 30-70% off

On Sale: 2 for $1
On Sale: 2 for $1

The Village Cupboard is a Scratch-N-Dent store that offers groceries, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household goods, and more at prices 20-70% below average retail prices. Additionally we carry some fresh/raw products from local farmers.


We are located at:

3667 Bahia Vista St.

Sarasota, FL 34232

(Right beside Der Dutchman Restaurant)


Mon – Fri: 8:30-6:30

Saturday:  9-3

Sunday: Closed 



or find us on facebook


Here are some other items you might find at our store:

Large bags of snacks/chips: 4 for $3

Canned Tomato Varieties (28 oz): 99¢

Wraps/Tortillas: 3 for $1

Canned Bean Varieties: 45¢

Breakfast Cereal Varieties (14-16 oz): $1.99

Canned Corn & Green Beans (12-15 oz): 3 for $1

Hamburger Helper: 85¢

Evaporated Milk: 55¢

Suntan Lotion: $1.50

Nicorette Gum: $9.99



The Village Cupboard carries local raw Goat Milk & local raw Cow Milk:
Goat Milk: $6.99/ half gallon (LaMancha Goats)
Cow Milk: $5.99/ half gallon, $9.59/ gallon (100% grass fed Jersey cows)

Other products available by order from the Raw Cow Milk:

Butter: $7.99/ half lb,  $12.99/ lb

Yogurt: $6.29/quart

Kefir: $5.19/quart

Buttermilk: $4.80/quart


Honey (local, raw, unfiltered):

16 oz: $5.49

32 oz: $9.29

½ Gallon (6 lbs): $22.39

Gallon (12 lbs): $41.99

Honeycomb: $11.38



30 ct: $6.99

10 ct: $3.29

5 ct:  $2.09

20 ct Children’s: $5.99


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