Is there a "Best" time to list your Lakewood Ranch, Fl. Home?

Is there a "Best" time to list your Lakewood Ranch, Fl. Home?

With the holidays behind us , I find myself addressing the subject of listings and what is the "best" time to sell a home. Most of the sellers I talk to think that spring or summer is the best time to sell their Lakewood Ranch home. And why not?

The weather is great and showings are generally not inconvenienced by bad weather. I'm afraid I would have to disagree and for one major reason.

When listing your Lakewood Ranch home in the fall or winter you have the advantage because many of your friends and neighbors ARE waiting for that time. Listing now gives you the best exposure for your home. With fewer homes to choose from your home has the opportunity to stand out & shine. If you wait until the end of the school year, your competition could be much greater. 

If you plan to sell your Lakewood Ranch home in 2014, give yourself the advantage by listing ahead of the summer competition.When it comes to selling a home in Lakewood Ranch, Tucker Real Estate Advisors go the extra mile so give us a call today and put our team of professionals to work for you.

Tucker Real Estate Advisors specialize in the Lakewood Ranch area. Contact us at 941-404-6720 or Tuckerrea.com


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