Flights Delayed From Sarasota Airport

Significant flight delays at the Sarasota, Florida, airport are due to snowy weather in other parts of the nation.

If you're flying out of Sarasota, Florida, today, you may be in for a wait. A long wait.

Snowy weather in the Northeast and West is hampering air traffic from the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

The Florida airport was reporting that about 40 percent of commercial flight from Sarasota were late taking off Wednesday afternoon. Another 20 percent were "very late" with scheduled departures. Some incoming flights are late but the problem is not as severe.

The bottom line for travelers is to check with the airlines or airport for flight delays and cancellations.

Snow is forecast throughout much of the country today, Dec. 26, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Potentially heavy snow is forecast in the Northeast and parts of the South, as well. In Florida, the threat of severe thunderstorms has mostly passed and a partly sunny afternoon and mostly clear evening are anticipated, according to the National Weather Service.

Visit Sarasota airport's website to check on the status of arriving or departing flights. You can also check directly with your airline.

Have the flight delays messed up your holiday travel plans?


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