Is Sarasota Amish 'Paradise'?

The New York Daily News chronicles the annual migration south of Amish and Mennonites from the Midwest.

Instead of riding horse and buggies, the Amish snowbirds in Pinecraft pedal three-wheeled bicycles.

The winter activities of Amish and Mennonites escaping the Midwest winters in the Pinecraft village get an up-close look by the New York Daily News.

It seems the New York press cannot get enough of the fact that many Amish and Mennonites from the Midwest board buses to enjoy the temperate climate of the Sunshine State.

The New York Times also penned an article:

The Daily News describes Sarasota's Pinecraft community as the "paradise" vacation spot for Amish and Mennonites.

They arrive from Ohio, Illinois and Indiana, maintaining their customs, though some alter slightly in the Sunshine State.

The New York Daily News quotes Katie Troyer, a local photographer and blogger about the community. She told the "Today" show that:

“You just assume that everybody you see, especially in the winter time, is Amish or Mennonite.”

Of course, the simple prairie style dress for the women, who wear bonnets, and the long beards of the men, who wear hats, make it easier to identify the visitors.

The Pinecraft village came to prominence after a flurry of coverage, including National Geographic's "Amish: Out of Order" in 2012. Sarasota's Amish village also was to the dismay of a few members of the community.

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Jason Bartolone May 01, 2013 at 03:09 PM
As someone who relocated here from the Northeast and who also lived next to the Pinecraft neighborhood for a time, I can understand the media's and public's fascination with this little village. Not something you really expect to see in Florida, but they did make for great neighbors.


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