Moms Talk Q&A: Gluten Free Baby Food

Join the Sarasota Patch Moms Council in a discussion about healthy baby food options.

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Moms Talk will also be the place to drop in for a talk about the latest parenting hot topic. Do you know of local moms raising their children in the Tiger Mother's way and is it the best way? Where can we get information on local flu shot clinics for children? How do we talk to our children about the Tucson shootings? How can we help our children's schools weather their budget cutbacks?

So grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we start the conversation today with a question raised in today's  by Diana Weber:

Diana writes: "Thrilled that they could create healthy and natural foods that fit a growing need for many parents, the Washmuths knew they were onto something unique and special. Not just limited to hiking families, dehydrated food is a perfect solution for on-the-go families; since it only requires mixing with water, breast milk, or formula and it’s ready-to eat. Served at room temperature or warmed, it’s also a versatile healthy snack." 

Miranda Brown of the Sarasota Patch Moms Council writes:

"I use the cloth bags for everything and love that target gives 5 cents off for using them.  Wish all the stores would do this. 

Organic: not big into spending the money, but wash everything in soapy water. My uncle own's Brown's Grove at the farmers market and we get our produce from him 90% of the time.
Gluten-free: Again, I like some of it, but rather have the real thing, except for the rice chips those are great.
What importance does your family place on organic food? Gluten Free? 

Rebekah Rae March 03, 2011 at 04:46 AM
With the knowledge that the human body is composed of a delicate balance of hormones and naturally occuring chemicals, I have been incorporating both organic and gluten free food choices into my children’s diets since day one. I began with making conscious, clean food choices when I was pregnant and breastfeeding and I have carried it through to the family table. While I am not obsessive about it, I do purchase organic food items that are known to carry the highest amount of pesticide residue within modern farming techniques. These items are: http://gourmetfood.about.com/od/slowfoodorganiclocal/a/organicproduce.htm . In addition to selectively buying organic produce, I also try to purchase hormone free beef and poultry. Organic whole milk is also a staple in my family as I use it to make my own yogurt. I enjoy using the yogurt to make a quick smoothie for a fast, convenient breakfast for the family. While I am not against wheat products, I do feel that they have to be prepared correctly in order to neutralize the phytic acid it contains that can be very irritating to the digestive tract as well as cause poor mineral absorption that can affect bone health. Descriptions of this practice of “soaking” or fermenting wheat products can be found in Sally Fallon’s book Nourishing Traditions . So needless to say, when I don’t have time for soaking grains and preparing everything homemade, gluten free products really come in handy with my busy “on the go” lifestyle.
William Mansell March 03, 2011 at 09:01 PM
Thanks for the response, Rebekah. Are organic and gluten free easily accessible at local stores or is it s struggle to find them?
Rebekah Rae March 03, 2011 at 09:26 PM
I easily find things such as organic apples, potatoes, lettuce, eggs, milk, etc... at my local Super Target as well as at Publix. Gluten free crackers, cereals, pancake mixes, baking mixes are easily accessible at these places as well. Whole Foods is also a go to place as I just love the shopping experience there as well and their prices have dropped in the recent years, due to its gaining popularity. I also frequent my local BJ's Warehouse to stock up on bulk whole organic milk from time to time. While it used to be hard and much more expensive to find these items, with their gaining customer demand, they have become much more affordable and accessible. We place our vote for what we want our grocery store to carry everytime we ring up at the register. When they do not carry what I desire, I call the manager and let them know. I am pushing now for better free-range meat choices that are more affordable. One of the best skills to acquire is to learn how to cook and bake from scratch so you get the biggest bang for your buck. Downloading new recipes and watching cooking techniques on youtube is very helpful and my toddlers are mesmorized while they watch it with me.


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