Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense

Tigers Way, a local martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection.

Using a cane isn't a disability, according to the Tigers Way Martial Arts School of St. Petersburg. It's an advantage. 

Tigers Way specializes in teaching self-defense for use in real-world situations, including a cane, if attacked. Locally, Wabujitsu provides cane defense classes in Sarasota.

The cane can offer the victim a two-foot extension to his or her reach, said Tony Bilotta, lead instructor at Tigers Way. The cane may be especially handy for a senior.

A caregiver may realize a loved one is afraid to go out alone. Grand Master Mark Shuey developed the Cane Master system, after he observed seniors and their use of canes, according to an ABC News report on 20/20.

Shuey's dad would not use a cane due to the stigma associated with using it. During the same time period, several seniors were robbed while using their canes near West Palm Beach.

Shuey decided to inform people "what a cane really can do. It can help them," ABC News reports.

The Patch video, shown above, shows how to deploy self-defense with a cane.

The cane system is not just for seniors. There's also a low-impact exercise component to the program, Bilotta said.

If you're interested, or have a loved one who's interested, in learning cane-specific and other self-defense techniques, e-mail Tigers Way at tigerswayllc@gmail.com.

More options include Jeff Cook at Wabujitsu or by phone at 941-730-5649.

Richard M. Swier February 13, 2013 at 11:48 AM
Might I suggest that every senior (and concerned citizen) visit the Bullet Hole on Main Street, Sarasota. They have a great line of defensive pistols that are most useful. Why they might even be able to order you a cane that shoots.
Ward Pallotta February 13, 2013 at 07:05 PM
How about building community instead of arsenals?


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