Pot Law Would Legitimize Drug Dealers, Opponents Say

Opponents of legalizing medical marijuana in the state are gaining support, but one of their arguments isn’t standing up well to scrutiny.

Amendment 2 would legalize marijuana for medical use in Florida.
Amendment 2 would legalize marijuana for medical use in Florida.

Should medical marijuana be legalized in the state of Florida?

That’s the question voters will have to answer in November as the question comes up on the ballot in the form of Amendment 2.  Opponents of the ballot measure have gained some ground in recent days with casino mogul Sheldon Adelson pledging $2.5 million toward the cause to keep pot out of medical treatments.

Even with the financial shot in the arm, the Tampa Bay Times is pointing out one of the group’s claims isn’t holding up well to scrutiny.

Vote No On 2 has been touting a number of loopholes in the proposed amendment that it says should make Floridians think twice about legalizing marijuana for medical purposes. One such claim is that the amendment would enable just about anyone to get licensed to serve as a caregiver for patients prescribed pot. The Drug Dealer Loophole, as Vote No On 2 is calling it, “allows so-called ‘caregivers’ to dispense medical pot. Caregivers do not need medical training. They can be felons – even drug dealers,” the organization’s website claims.

PolitiFact Florida recently looked into that claim. While it says it’s too early to run the claim through the Truth-O-Meter, it noted that the state’s Department of Health would be responsible for writing regulations if Amendment 2 passes. Since the state will have six months to write its rules, it’s just too early to say how tough it will be to get licensing to be a caregiver.

Amendment 2 requires 60 percent of Florida voters’ approval to pass in the Nov. 4 election. If it’s approved, Florida would become the 21st state to allow marijuana use for medical reasons, the Miami Herald points out. Polls are showing the proposal is a popular one with Florida voters.

What are your thoughts on legalizing medical marijuana? Should it happen in Florida? Tell us by commenting below!

Linda June 16, 2014 at 12:21 PM
Not for nothing, but medical marijuana has it's positive uses! It increases appetites in cancer patients, relieves pain, and relaxes anxiety. The entire plant itself can be used for fabric, paper and rope just to mention a few. There has never been anyone who died of a "pot overdose" either. In the 1930's, William Randolph Hearst ran a smear campaign against marijuana because it was going to replace the use of lumber for paper (at a much lower cost too). He was a lumber magnate and so it became illegal. Go figure! Legalize it already and maybe we can get some money into this state!
DAVID VINCENT June 16, 2014 at 12:43 PM
I will poiint fingers at the good people or the bad people that are argueing the point here all I can give is my experience and you can take it for what it is worth. As a veteran from Viet Nam I was severly injured and the VA's response was to get me hooked on codine and morphine as well as assorted pain pills. I discovered the medical uses of pot in the early 80's got rid of the "pain pills" and would use pot as needed - it worked for 2 years until it was decided I would need corrective surgery...then I stopped using it and have been without for over 30 years. Now I find I am needing yet another surgery for repairs to this old body. What I would give to have some right now to relieve the pain. I refuse to take the "pain pills" because I don't want to relive that experience again. Call it what you will but when used correctly and in moderation it works it did for me. Yes the state should regulate it, no children should not have access to it without a bonafied doctor approval. Yes the tax base is faxtastic IF we use it wisely.
Gregg Gordon June 16, 2014 at 02:37 PM
The only thing marijuana use ever hurt is a bag of Doritos. As David pointed out, legally prescribed pain killers did him more harm than good. Marijuana worked extremely well and with far fewer complications/side effects. It should be treated just like alcohol in my opinion. Tax it, regulate it and don't sell it to minors.


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