We Should Be Betting on Paul Ryan's "Horse" as a Win for All of Us

Let's review our country's current Financial status as it's been for the past 3.5 years and as it will be if the current direction continues.

U.S Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin recently created a national budget which was released and passed last week by the House of Representatives

The budget passed in the House because the members realize that our country is in serious trouble financially. 

The House is determined to do something about this tragic financial state that the current Federal Administration has allowed to escalate for the past 3.5 years. 

President Barack Obama is critical of the Paul Ryan budget because he and the Democrats have been trying to push through their own agenda for a long time, which has promoted again and again the overspending of our tax dollars. 


The Paul Ryan budget does not agree with the President's agenda because Ryan's budget is attempting to save our country from financial ruin due to the current Administration's continued over-spending and poor money management of our tax dollars. 

If we continue to over-spend our tax dollars on directions that provide waste and lack of true management (i.e.:  The Solyndra debacle; the billions wasted on the Stimulus Package; and much more), our country will soon be headed for bankruptcy, similar to what has happened in Greece.

Regardless of whether we are Democrats or Republicans, this is what is happening. As taxpayers, is this what we want to continue to happen within our country's financial arena? 

In our personal lives, we all make budgets.  Those budgets are difficult at times - more times than not. But to survive, we all have to limit our spending and also manage our income and expenses so we are able to survive financially. 

We aren't able to spend more than we make. When we do, we then have to borrow enough to cover our increased spending. If we borrow too much and can't pay it back, we are headed for financial trouble. The same basic financial concept holds true for the federal government as well as any organization on this earth. 

The federal government will have us thinking and believing that Republicans want to hurt citizens that are not able to help themselves (i.e.: those obtaining Medicare for one, and women for another) and that Republicans want to destroy women's rights in America by decreasing women's rights to obtain abortions and contraceptives free of charge at all times. 

Whether we are Republicans, Democrats, Independents, or of no party affiliation, the truth is the federal government has created a state of affairs in America that has caused there to be 47 percent-plus of our current population who are dependent upon government subsidies. 

The more that are dependent upon government subsidies, the more that are needing the government to continue to become it's "bank."

Where does this money to fund these entitlement programs come from?  The increase in government programs are funded with the tax dollars of those who are required to pay them — these tax dollars are "gravy" for those who don't earn enough to pay taxes. 

So, it is those who pay the highest taxes (i.e.: businesses, small and large, and people earning the highest amount of money) who are funding those who cannot pay taxes and those who are obtaining government subsidies. 

When the ratio of those who pay taxes and those who cannot pay taxes becomes out of whack in any organization, the organization will be headed for demise.  The ratio needs to be a certain percentage in order for the organization to function well financially.

Forty-seven percety (and rising) on government subsidy versus 53 percent paying taxes is not the proper ratio for any organization to be functioning well.  We are soon headed for demise financially. 

Women's Rights

Republicans are not against women's rights, nor are they against those that are functioning on entitlement programs in America.  But the more people that are on entitlement programs, the more spending the feds will have to do to maintain those programs = more tax dollars to maintain them.  It's as simple as that.  

Democrats will have us believe that Republicans are against women — simply not true. 

Republicans are against the increased spending that the current Administration proposes. President Obama himself stated on national television that his stimulus package did not do what it was intended to do — it was a failure fiscally. 

It was also a failure of over-spending.  If we continue to allow this Administration to over-spend, we will find that we have a country that was once the most powerful country on earth, turned into the most financially-decayed country on earth. 

Raise your voices and let them be heard as a taxpayers of the United States. 

Stop spending what we do not have. Stop borrowing from China to continue spending what we don't have. Make cuts wherever we can and let's get back on track financially so this country can begin to be what we need it to be: 

• a country where women should buy their own contraceptives because if they want to use them, they should be buying them — not the government; 

• a country that creates jobs for us by collaborating with small businesses and offering REAL incentives for them so they can hire again and keep their current employees; 

• a country that seeks real ways for oil that is located near us to be pumped into our country and this process would create jobs and lower rising gas prices; and so on. 

If you find this direction to be one you hold dear, please know that this November's election is the most serious one we will face in our life time. 

Please register to vote and consider the facts of the past 3.5 years: Do you want more of the same and more of it in that direction for the next 4 years? 

Register to vote, and vote to stop more of this current and on-going disaster.

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Joyce Abate-Bonaiuto April 06, 2012 at 02:21 PM
Here's the question: does the government assume the burden of spending our tax dollars for contraceptives (males included) so sex can increase, but births can decrease OR is the burden on us to pay for our own contraceptives because we are the ones who control our bodies? Once we give government the control of paying for what should be ours to control, then we have given up our liberty to make our own choices. Do you realize this sets a precedence for the future as well - more government control = higher taxes to take care of more areas they are controlling?
Joyce Abate-Bonaiuto April 06, 2012 at 02:28 PM
Sorry you aren't a Republican anymore - especially because you state that 'Bush screwed everything up'. Don't leave the party because of one person! I agree with you about Ronald Reagan - he was exactly what this country needs right now - straightforward and direct with solutions that work. I am confident that Mitt Romney's values and character, more Moderate than Conservative, will enable you to see that he is willing and able to make hard choices and he will make those choices. He outlines his agenda each time he does an interview. He is often interviewed on Fox and often with Sean Hannity if you want to watch him in the near future. He is not a far right extremist at all.
Henry Bright April 06, 2012 at 06:22 PM
The Cato Institute says that corporate welfare is $95 billion and individual welfare is $59 billion. Corporate welfare goes to all kinds of companies, including oil companies and WalMart but the biggest slice goes to agriculture corporations. The figure of 47% being dependent on government subsidies sounds questionable; no reference cited. I wonder if it includes Social Security or Medicare; these are not government subsidies, being fully paid for by employee and employer contributions. We all want to reduce the deficit, most of which is directly due to the Bush tax cuts, the Bush wars and the economic recession (caused mainly by loosened regulation of Wall Street). But do we really want to achieve this by letting people die for lack of medical care, food or housing, while billionaires get extra millions.. That's what the Ryan budget would do. If corporate America paid a living wage (who can live on $20,000 a year these days?) there would be less need for government subsidies.
Joyce Abate-Bonaiuto April 06, 2012 at 07:15 PM
With further research today, my figure of 47% -as of 2010, should be 49% and rising. Log onto: http://mercatus.org/publication/nation-government-dependents. If we exclude employee/employer paid subsidies, we will still see food stamps =15%; WIC = 8%; supplemental security income = 6%; temporary assistance for needy families-= 2%; and medicaid =26%. Add to this the possible passing of the Health Care Act. If approved by the Supreme Court, its mandates will add a burden to those who are working and paying taxes, small businesses, etc. because it aids the growing number of people receiving entitlements. You will notice that it is stated in this study that the amount of people taking government subsidies increased from 44% when Obama took office to 49% in 2010. I do not suggest that we should allow people receiving subsidies to die for lack of medical care, food or housing! What I do suggest is that the Federal Administration stop its overspending & begin to manage our tax dollars taken in such a way that they are spent in better ways - one of those ways would be assistance for those that really need it. Paul Ryan's budget prioritizes those who really need government assistance vs those who don't and it also makes cuts in the over-spending directions of the current federal Administration.
sirronalot April 06, 2012 at 10:44 PM
Correct, solutions that work. Reagan understood that in down economy that you need both raise revenue and cut spending. Republicans today believe that cutting from the social safety nets for the middle class and the poor and give tax breaks to the rich is the answer. Get rid of the Bush tax cuts that we have to borrow money from China to keep. Have corporations start paying the same rate as Reagan days and we wouldn't be in this mess.


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