Red Light Camera Paranoia

Stop, skid out, before getting another one

I had the honor of receiving a ticket from our controversial new red light cameras. I was caught red handed with a photo mailed to me with my ticket. They dutifully wrote my check and sent it to the address in Georgia to be processed.

That's right, fire our clerk of courts and out source our processing of tickets to another state. Anyhow, after that ticket, I found myself stopping at all costs in fear of getting another red light camera ticket. The other day I was driving and the light turned yellow. I slammed on my brakes to make sure but wound up just about a foot over the line. Of course there was a car right up my behind so I could not back up. Low and behold I have an elderly man on a scooter crossing the street. Now I am a foot over the line, remember, so I look up and the guy stops in front of my vehicle and stares at me calling me a female dog before he rolled on.

Next up, a car turning and slowly going by my vehicle missing it by an inch and giving me a dirty look. I started asking others who had the honor of receiving a red light camera ticket and they said they will skid out slamming on their brakes on a yellow before they will risk getting another red light camera ticket. While I'm at it.

Can someone tell me why Sarasota County spent money to install these cameras, and does not get all the benefits of the money? Why does Georgia process our tickets? Didn't our county lay off some of our clerks? I wonder if we processed our own tickets if that could create jobs for the clerks office?

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Wendy December 11, 2012 at 03:56 PM
Hello Mary. For the record, the cameras in question are in the City of Sarasota, so your questions are best directed to city officials. I believe there was a recent article or press release that explained the entire process but I can't seem to find the link. Regardless, I just wanted to send you in the right direction, since there are currently no red light cameras in Sarasota County.
Jeff Tronkowski October 02, 2013 at 08:39 PM
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