5 Things: Florida Primary, 'Shark Men' and more

Tuesday's the day to vote; see "Shark Men" today at Mote; is Sarasota a Washington Post joke and more

1. Tuesday is the day for Sarasota County's 120,034 registered Republicans to vote for their pick to be the Republican presidential nominee. That's the issue on the ballot in Sarasota County, so your homework tonight should be light. Stay with Patch Tuesday for all your election coverage needs.

2. Speaking of the election, Sarasota is still generating some stories for The Washington Post in an anaylsis/joking sort of way, but this time more of the state is included in the joke. We think the story's joking, kind of. But in the middle of it, we literally find out where's the beef:

“We get Chicago. We get St. Louis. The Wisconsin folks,” says Michael Klauber, proprietor of Michael’s On East, a resplendent restaurant in Sarasota with an interior designed to evoke the great ocean liners and supper clubs of the 1930s and 1940s. “I love the fact that we get the Midwesterners. They definitely love their beef.”

3. My mouth's watering now thinking about food. Check out these restaurants who are finding ways to keep fresh and current in Sarasota with updated offerings. We got you covered from fine wines to the best key lime pie.

4. Forgetfulness can get to the best of us. Columnist Dale Hutchings goes over some memory exercises that should help spark the memory of someone's name or where you put those darned car keys.

5. That's not just anyman, that's a shark man in town. Chris Fischer of "Shark Men" will be at today as part of its Special Lecture Series.

Fischer is a shark conservationist who is featured in “Shark Men” and “Expedition Great White” on the National Geographic Channel. Fischer also is the founder of the nonprofit marine conservation group, OCEARCH, and owns the research ship MV/Ocean.

He will help feed sharks at Mote Aquarium during Mote’s narrated training session at 11 a.m. Monday. At 7:30 p.m., Fischer will speak and share videos of his adventures working with great white sharks and Mote's own Center for Shark Research.


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