Daily Show Takes Jab At Sarasota, Condo Associations (VIDEO)

The Sarasota joke was part of a "Deranged Millionaire" bit.

It appears that a well-to-do "deranged millionaire" is familiar enough with Sarasota to make a quick jab on national TV.

In Thursday's episode, Daily Show contributor John Hodgman, who you probably recognize playing the P.C. patron in those "I'm a Mac" commercials years ago, plays a deranged millionaire making veiled threats to workers of many things deranged millionaires have already done to American workers:

  • Ship jobs overseas
  • No raises
  • Make more staff part-time to avoid healthcare costs

Then all of a sudden at near the four minute mark, Sarasota condominium associations become the butt of the joke.

It starts when the deranged millionaire tells Jon Stewart to read Atlas Shrugged when Stewart says he's already read it.

"John Galt and other top industrialists abandon an ungrateful nation, form their own society in a secret valley in Colorado," Stewart says. "Is that what you're doing?"

Hodgman responds:

"We've already done it, Jon. Technically, it's more like a secret condominium development in Sarasota—open to only those virtuous enough to have made enormous amounts of money or to have inherited a lot of money. But no Powerball winners, Jon! Just quality people!"

Stewart then inquires how's the condo community going in Sarasota.

"Great, it's going great," Hodgman said. "What could be more invigorating than hanging out all day with older white guys and their third wives? In fact, I just came back to say goodbye."

The derainged millionaire attempts to leave, then pleads Stewart to make him stay.

"It's a nightmare over there, Jon. It's nothing but money managers and trust fund kids and Trumps. Nobody knows how to cook or clean, or make—what's that thing that keeps you warm? 

"Heat?" Stewart responds.

"Heat! Yes, where does it come from? Oh it's too many chiefs, Jon. Not enough Indians, you know what I mean? Or Mexicans. Oh! I miss the Mexicans, I miss them so much," the millionaire says before sobbing.

It's interesting that Sarasota condominiums would be the butt of a joke pitting everyday folks against the well-to-do who live there after frequent battles between the bar and entertainment crowd and the condo associations over noise and events.

That's quite an extended joke, too, on The Daily Show. And apparently they love Sarasota for comedic relief.

What do you make of it?

John A. December 02, 2012 at 07:18 AM
Yeah like those darn rich millionaires like Obama and Pelosi , Boxer,Fienstine and Ried just to name a few that don't really care about poor people!!!
John A. December 02, 2012 at 07:24 AM
How much does millionaire Obama charge us for just one of his airforce1 trips? He totaly abuses that plane privilage because he never spends time in the whithouse because he really deep down hates his job. If he stays at his desk then he has to answer questions that he has no clue about.
Mme. d'Estape December 02, 2012 at 10:16 PM
Finally some truth about this squamous burg.


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