Get Well Soon Sarasota Pineapple Drop

The Sarasota Pineapple is on the mend, taking a year off before it will return in 2013 for its famous New Year's drop.

Ever since the Downtown Sarasota Alliance canceled Sarasota’s world famous pineapple drop, we’re concerned about Pineapple’s health and whereabouts.

In hiding for months, we found the pineapple to be intensive care, receiving an IV drip of juice, as doctors hope it will get well enough for next year.

We can only hope that its caregivers — whomever it may be next year — will work out a support system for Pineapple’s return for 2013.

Until then, it will lead a mysterious journey — perhaps even in isolation — until it can descend itself upon Sarasota in all of its fruity glory.

 Here are my Top 5 Storylines for What Happens to Pineapple:

 1. Pineapple goes on tour with Toby Keith for a remix of “Red Solo Cup” titled “Pineapple Drop.”

Pine-apple drop. I like your spiked top. Let’s have a party! Let’s have a party!

It all starts when Pineapple meets with Willie Nelson at Van Wezel on Feb. 3. Touched by Pineapple’s story, Willie contacts his good friend Toby Keith, but once success hits, it’s all downhill from there, perhaps in a blender with rum.

2. does a great job at returning species to the wild and to their home, and Pineapple is next.

Inspired by the successful turtle tracking, Mote places a GPS device on Pineapple and releases him off of Lido Beach.

“We want to see if Pineapple will go visit its ancestors in South America or will stay local to the area,” organizers said.

Months later, Pineapple was found washed ashore in Holland by a Dutch artist and finds a home in the town of Lego.

3. Pineapple goes incognito by the way of becoming a thespian, but his talents can’t keep underwraps for long.

Looking for a way to help bring the financials in order,  is renamed The Golden Pineapple Dinner Theater as Pineapple plays three shows a night.

Pineapple bails out after it reads a script and menu for an upcoming murder mystery featuring Hawaiian pizza.

4. Pineapple joins the Ringling Bros. Circus as a successful tightrope walker as a way to lose weight and gain muscle.

New Year's Resolution. Go figure.

The svelt Pineapple earns rave reviews for its fitter shape at the next Pineapple Drop. The folks who actually drop the Pineapple are thankful for the dropped pounds, too.

5. Desperate for reliable starting pitching on the cheap, the Baltimore Orioles sign Pineapple to a try-out contract during

The good: 0 ERA. The bad: It was the longest game in history waiting for the first pitch. Even worse: Orioles still lost.

Can you Photoshop one of these scenarios or create your own photo illustration with a backstory? Submit yours by Jan. 4 by either uploading the file to this story or e-mail charles.schelle@patch.com. We'll showcase the best ones and decide who's has the best. Winner gets some Patch swag.

Kathy Oravec December 29, 2011 at 01:34 PM
You forgot the obvious ones, like they lost control in last year's drop and he became juice for a rum runner.....:)
HC Labrock December 29, 2011 at 07:41 PM
Ever since the 1%'s announced No Pineapple Drop this year; all our friends and I have decided to boycott downtown. So as the one percenters who are toasting at Michael's or Marina Jack, we will head to Gulf Gate for their Pineapple Drop. No more downtown for us.....bye bye for now !!!
Dan Quarteran December 30, 2011 at 05:28 AM
naught but a tear drop...
Charles Schelle (Editor) January 01, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Thanks for the entry Carolann! I upload a cutout of the pineapple people can use to enter the contest.
Carolann Cahill January 02, 2012 at 11:51 AM
Your welcome Charles. Hope I'm not the only disgruntled pineapple fan! We may not have the pineapple but we still have a lot of talented people.


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