Burglars Targeting Chevrolet Impalas On Siesta Key

The popular rental car is being targeted in burglaries on Siesta Key, especially at Beach Access 5, and the credit cards stolen out of the car are used at local malls.

Vehicle burglars on Siesta Key are becoming specific in their targeted car of choice, according to the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office.

Two car burglaries in August appeared to have targeted Chevrolet Impalas by punching the locks to gain entry, Sgt. Scott Osborn said during Thursday's Siesta Key Association meeting.

The suspects who break into cars appear to be stealing credit cards and heading straight to the and rack up charges on the cards, Osborn said.

The burglaries tend to happen during midweek afternoons when the beaches are full — especially at Beach Access 5, located on the corner of Ocean Boulevard and Beach Road, Osborn said. 

"We've put bait cars on Access 5, trying to lure them into the car, but when we set them up, it didn't hit," he told the audience at the meeting.

Two of those suspects by the sheriff's office, Osborn said. Those cards were taken from the trunk of a rental car parked at Access 5 on Aug. 31, according to the sheriff's office, and a credit card was used to buy about $800 in goods at the Southgate Macy's.

The vehicle burglaries slowed down during July, but appeared to pick up in August, he added.

In related Beach Access 5 news, the Beach Access 5 parking lot will close from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Sept. 10, during construction at The Terrace condominium complex, 5400 Ocean Blvd, according to Sarasota County Government.

Access 7 parking lot at Beach Road and Calle De Siesta will remain open.


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