Burks Sentenced For False Report Charge

Taiwandra Burks was sentenced to nine months in Sarasota County Jail for filing a false report on a Department of Children and Families hotline in 2011.

One of two women charged in August for filing a false report that her 3-year-old was sexually abused will serve nine months in jail.

Taiwandra Burks pled guilty to the charges that she made a false report on the Department of Children and Families hotline in July 2011, made a harassing phone call, and that she made a false report of the existence of a sexual disease in reference to this case, according to the Sarasota Police Department.

On Thursday, Circuit Court Judge C. Roberts sentenced Taiwandra Burks to nine months in the Sarasota County Jail, police said.

Here's what :

"On July 14, the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Hotline received a report from an individual who claimed to be Nicole Brooks. According to police, the call was received from a telephone number belonging to Burks. Burks, police said, reported that a man had inappropriately touched a 3-year-old girl and had beaten a woman in the presence of three small children.

On that same date, the unnamed woman received a telephone call from a female caller who claimed to be Nicole Dreary from the Health Department. The caller urged the woman to respond to the Health Department to be tested for HIV, police said. 

According to police, a supervisor from the Disease Intervention Service of the Health Department told police that no one named Nicole Dreary works at the department and that no one from the health department would leave a message informing that someone else had tested positive or should be tested for HIV.

As a result of the telephone call to families hotline police conducted an investigation that included a medical examination of the alleged 3-year-old victim. Police said the investigation and medical examination found no signs of injury or evidence to substantiate the allegations made against the man. 

Burks and Hendry were both were arrested on Aug. 8. Hendry, police said, was also charged with battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence after she kicked the officer as she was being arrested on the warrant." 


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