Couple Stops Suspected Car Burglars In Their Tracks

Couple followed suspects after catching them breaking into their car, and called 911.

An observant Sarasota couple caught two men attempting to break into their car Wednesday, leading to the suspects' arrests.

Katie Hughes and husband Michael Wojculewski sat on their porch on Flower Drive at 1:50 a.m. Wednesday noticing two men walking down the street, as one stood by the road while the other broke into cars. It turns out, the men were breaking into the couple's car, according to Sarasota Police Department.

The couple yelled at the suspects, who ran, and the couple attempted to follow them while calling 911, according to police.

Officer Dodge arrived on the scene when Hughes pointed out one of the perpetrators, Jonathan Paul Schultz, 22. 

Officer Cantrell saw the other suspect, Michael J. Gola Jr., 21, walking near South Orange Avenue and Harbor Drive, and arrested him when Wojculewski arrived yelling "That's him, that's him," according to police. Wojculewski also positively identified Schultz as well, according to police.  

Shortly after the arrest three of the suspects’ acquaintances arrived in the area saying that Schutlz called them to go "car hopping," which is a street term for burglarizing cars and homes, according to police..  They advised that Schultz had called them and told them that they were “car hopping”.  They went on to explain that car hopping involves burglarizing cars and homes.  

Schultz and Gola, both homeless, were charged for burglary of a conveyance, according to police.   

Schultz has previously been convicted of two burglaries and a grand theft, according to police.


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