Campaign Rally Volunteers Want Romney To Tell It Like It Is

Volunteers at Gov. Mitt Romney's campaign rally in Sarasota say they hope the presidential candidate will provide more details on his plan and stop being nice.

As Gov. Mitt Romney polishes his speech for today's rally in Sarasota, volunteer workers eager to help at his campaign stop know exactly what the presidential candidate should say.

"I want Romney to take the gloves off — stop being Mr. Nice Guy," Paige Farr of Sarasota told Patch. "And don't apologize."

A small group of volunteers showed up to the rally's site at the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art Wednesday evening hoping to learn more details about Thursday's event, but were kind enough to stick around and talk to Patch about their thoughts on Romney's rally after the volunteer meeting was rescheduled. 

Sarasota resident Debbie Luque feels like volunteering at the Romney rally is "a national emergency" as she has never volunteered at a presidential campaign before.

Luque wants Romney "to be strong and don't apologize for what you said," referencing the comments made by Romney in a video leaked this week where he told a crowd in Boca Raton earlier this year that 47 percent of the country would vote for the president anyway as those folks are "dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims." 

The Mother Jones story spread through the media and politicians on both sides of the aisle criticized Romney for his comments, and Romney himself admitted that his remarks were "inelegant."

For Luque, she hopes that Romney comes out swinging in Sarasota about his comments in that video, strengthening his stance. 

"Just like Donald Trump said — own it," Luque said.

Farr attended Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign stop at Robarts Arena in 2008 and wanted to be a part of Romney's rally by volunteering. 

She believes that this campaign stop and the coverage it brings will be great for the city on a national level. 

"I think it's good for Sarasota because it tells the city and the county of Sarasota that they know that we count and we count very highly because we're a swing state," Farr said.

Jared Padgett of Sarasota will be pulling double duty today as he is volunteering both at the private fundraiser at The Ritz-Carlton and the Ringling rally.

The 19-year-old spends his time working for the Republican Party of Florida registering voters and updating voter information and wants to hear Romney touch on the $4.7 trillion of national debt that rose during President Barack Obama's first three years in office, as well as a myriad of issues.

"I want to hear about the security for our country. I want to hear about his plans for foreign aid," Padgett said. "He's been leveraging a lot on the economy, so I think he needs to take a step farther and focusing on other issues as well."

Padgett, Farr, Luque and dozens of volunteers are expected to report at 11 a.m. today for details for handling the crowd, but Luque doesn't mind the long day ahead.

"It'll be a good tired," she said. "All is good."

dee September 20, 2012 at 04:10 PM
So there is gathering blind sheep following Romneyhood today. I'm I was taught to love all and not 47% of all people. The crowd that attend this gathering are not Christians and maybe Morman wantabes, however what a bunch of losers. Fool me once, fool me twice. If I was a Republican and after hearing that tape, I may not become a Deemcrat. However, I run far away from the Republican party as possible.
redhededkewty September 20, 2012 at 04:50 PM
I'm not surprised at the attitude displayed by his constituency. Too bad they can't tell real presidential material from a spoiled rich brat who feels entitled to the presidency by virtue of his money and his religion. This man is not a 'statesman' by any means. Any one so hateful of the general populace should be shunned, not elected to office. Where is his decency?
J Ruse September 20, 2012 at 06:15 PM
Why is it that so many people who post comments ranting against Romney as if he were some heartless, spoiled ogre are whining, and unable to spell or type? Romney doesn't dislike the 47%! He was lamenting the fact that they wouldn't be swayed by a tax cut, because THEY DON'T PAY THAT TAX. He was not correct in all his comments, to be sure! Inaccurate, heck yeah! But if you think from that he dislikes that 47%, you are part of the problem, not helping at all. You would do well to learn what purpose commas mean, too. And that there is a difference between prepared, public comments that stray into "You didn't build that! Someone help did that!" The difference of that to a laundry list of disenfranchised and unsuccessful people in front of wealthy supporters. People who don't care about personal success won't vote for Romney! Only those economically informed and historically aware of the problems inherent in left versus right economic policies. I won't go further, I got work to do.
Deborah Weatherby September 21, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Actually they do pay tax, its called payroll taxes, which most of working americans pay through their employer, thats called a W2 form. The actual number of americans who don't pay taxes is about 18% and even that doesn't include property taxes, state taxes, shall I go on??? oh yes wounded vets who can't work don't pay taxes and poor seniors don't pay taxes. So the real deal is how ignorant is Romney when it comes to a real statistic that everybody who knows anything should know, especially a nominee for president. It ain't what he said, its his lack of knowledge!!!!!!!
J Ruse September 22, 2012 at 12:44 AM
I wrote that they "don't pay THAT tax," Deborah, as in the fed income tax. Fact: Close to half of U.S. households currently do not owe federal income tax. Did you know there's more than one tax taken out of checks? There is no such thing as a "payroll tax" -- that is a group of taxes which EMPLOYERS must take out of employees' paychecks. For almost half of people, they get back all the fed income tax that is taken from their checks. Do you know what the rest of the payroll taxes are? As for accusing Romney of having a "lack of knowledge" -- true, sorta. He was definitely being sloppy, but he was speaking, in private, to a group of people who donated to his campaign and were there to see him. He'll probably say something incorrect tomorrow, too! Obama gets facts wrong daily. Do you trash him, or just make excuses? Do you think Obama's campaign for being president seems to have never stopped? I do. It's run from 2008 until now. Always trying to sell the goods, not taking the lead. Always lecturing, judging, blaming, but hardly ever taking responsibility -- unless he can take credit. It's embarrassing. He needs a mentor. Obama didn't even know the size of our deficit, judging from his comments on the very public, on TV, David Letterman visit. Dislike Mitt Romney if you must. But make him out to be an idiot and anyone who isn't an Obama sheep will see who the idiot really is.


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