Florida Amendment 6: Abortion

Take a closer look at the proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution before you vote.

Amendment 6: Prohibition on Public Funding of Abortions; Construction of Abortion Rights

While federal law prohibits the use of federal funds for most abortions, this amendment would also add the prohibitions into the state Constitution. The amendment would ban the use of the state Constitution’s privacy clause in cases related to abortion, which means this clause couldn’t be used to defend abortion rights.

Opponents, including the League of Women Voters of Florida, say the amendment limits the rights of women and erodes privacy rights.

Supporters say the measure clarifies Florida’s stand on abortion funding and gives the public a say in state abortion laws.

For complete wording of the amendment, visit the Florida Division of Elections online.

RSchmidt November 05, 2012 at 05:25 PM
More than 33% of ALL pregnancies end in ABORTION. Why should anyone pay for abortions, especially when they are used like the pill. Ignorance is NOT bliss in this situation. All you have to do is watch a simple film or read a simple brochure to learn that abortion kills an innocent little miracle. Selfishness is prevalent in abortions. Selflessness is prevalent in giving your baby up for adoption. TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY... and go thank your mother for not aborting you.
JBurke November 05, 2012 at 06:40 PM
What I don't understand is this.. Florida's Medicaid does NOT fund abortion. In Florida, If you want an abortion and you don't have private insurance that covers it, you have to pay for it out-of-pocket. I've not heard anyone rallying to have Medicaid or the state, in any way, cover abortions. My personal opinion is that abortion is a very sad thing. With the prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse and mental illness today, I don't think adoption should be a woman's only choice.
Jan Lella November 06, 2012 at 12:01 AM
Federal law ALREADY prohibits the expenditure of federal funds for abortions; this amendment would enshrine those prohibitions in the State Constitution. There is a provision in the amendment that would stop the use of the state Constitution's privacy clause in abortion cases; courts would no longer be able to use the clause in defending abortion rights. Keep in mind, on Amendment 6, so much more than public funding of abortions is involved. This amendment will change our FL constitution forever potentially and will allow LEGISLATORS in to make personal decisions concerning your health, that of your own daughter. Can you visualize Rick popping in to your exam room at this minute, saying not allowed unless I say it is okay? And although the amendment says some things about health of the mother exclusions, it doesn't go far enough to protect the woman. In the real world, things can go tragically wrong. Imagine this is your family! Another example of why I don't want Rick making those decisions for any families! This amend. will remove specific coverage from our neighbors, friends who are teachers and first responders etc. and already have access, forcing them to find the funds to deal with these circumstances without insurance. So what is already a personal decision, or should be, is made even more difficult. NO On 6 to stop political interference in personal health care decisions. Amend 6 is deeply flawed and allows politicians to put women's health in danger.
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