4th-Generation Naval Officer Promoted

Unconditional Surrender ceremony drew from around the world.

Jeff Buck became a Navy lieutenant Wednesday afternoon, commissioned by his admiral father, with rank pinned on by his naval captain grandfather.

His lieutenant commander maternal great-grandfather would have been there but he’s on eternal patrol.

The four generations span 99 years of naval service. The three current generations are all naval aviators, wearing by tradition the “wings of gold” and brown shoes. All three flew patrol and surveillance aircraft, including the P2B, S2, P3 and the current P8.

The Buck family celebrated the promotion of Jeff from lieutenant junior-grade to full lieutenant. For those unfamiliar with military ranks, a Navy lieutenant is the same grade as an Army captain.

Family friends celebrated the promotion on Sarasota’s bayfront. Rear Admiral Sean Buck currently commands the patrol and reconnaissance forces of the U.S. Fifth and Seventh Fleets, based in Japan. His son Lt. Sean Buck is assigned to VP-8 at the Naval Air Station, Jacksonville.  Guy Buck retired after 30 years in the Navy and lives with his wife “BeBe” in Sarasota.

“It’s a great day for the Buck family,” said the admiral. 


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