Hudson Bayou Safety Tests Continue

Environmental tests of the Hudson Bayou, after a 14-inch sewer pipe break leaked around 200 gallons of sewer water into the bayou, remain inconclusive.

Since Monday afternoon, the city of Sarasota, in conjunction with the Sarasota County Health Department has been following the rupture of a 14-inch sewer pipe. 

According to the city, Wednesday's environmental tests showed inconclusive results. The two agencies will work together to conduct more tests over the next 48 hours. In the meantime, health advisories will remain posted for the Hudson Bayou. The road was closed for the construction of a new lift station in Lukewood Park

The city's utilities department estimates around 200 gallons of sewage may have spewed into the Hudson Bayou Monday afternoon after a contractor ruptured a 14-inch forcemain. The sewage flow was diverted into a nearby construction pit and then transported via tanker trucks to the wastewater treatment, the city said. 

The accident was not the result of digging, but rather from a failed “pipe-stop” installed about a week ago on a 14-inch force main that collects sewage from as many as 10 lift stations in the city for transport to the wastewater treatment plant on 14th Street. 


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