Sen. Detert: Intro of Cain 'Blown Out of Proportion'

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain stopped by in Sarasota on Sunday for the Statesman of the Year dinner.

Republican presidential candidate evening, giving a speech at a GOP fundraiser and dinner to honor Mississippi Gov. Hayley Barbour. But one blogger thought the introduction was more newsworthy.

Political blog The Shark Tank wrote what Cain said wasn't as important as what was said about Cain by Florida State Sen. Nancy Detert (R-Venice) during her introduction of the candidate:

"During her introduction, Detert told the crowd that if they had been following the news lately, then they would 'know more about Herman Cain than Herman Cain would want them to know about Herman Cain' – a clear reference to the sexual harassment allegations that have plagued Cain over the past month.

"Several attendees at the dinner expressed their disgust with Detert’s remarks, believing that it was an orchestrated set up to take a cheap shot at Cain."

Detert told Patch that her comments were "totally blown out of proportion" and that she had not read the blog post.

The blog was also picked up by The Miami Herald, without reaction from Detert.

"It was a comment on the media more than a comment on Herman Cain," she said in a telephone interview.

She added that she joked on her personal Facebook Page that "my only goal going in is to not make the national news."

The public is taking the blog as truth and writing on Detert's Facebook fan page about her introduction.

"I heard about your Herman Cain introduction the other day. It truly shows your ignorance," Suzy Roberts wrote on Detert's Facebook Page.

The post also speculated that Detert was throwing her support behind Mitt Romney and that Joe Gruters, chairman of Republican Party of Sarasota, had orchestrated the comments.

"I was in charge of introducing Herman Cain," she said. "It was not an endorsement of Cain, and it wasn't a slam against Cain."

Gruters, a campaign treasurer for Detert, expressed shock over the comments.

"I was certainly flat footed when I read that blog," Gruters told Patch. "The guy wasn't even there."

"Nancy's one of the most respected members in the community, and I thought she was very compassionate and positive toward Cain," he said.

Cain "certainly rocked the house and created energy and enthusiasm, and we couldn't be more happy," Gruters said.

About Cain himself, Detert said she felt sorry for his treatment by the media.

"I know they’re making Herman Cain a target – I feel sorry for him," she said, adding that she hoped people would write on more substantial issues.

Major media outlets turned out, as well as the reported crowd of 350 folks at the dinner.

Tampa's CBS station WTSP sat down with Cain in a two-part interview where he addressed his fall from the top of the polls:

"We're not panicking because we dropped to third and the reasons for that — we expect to drop some because some people make decisions based upon that perception is through the media," Cain said. "But the good news is I'm still in third."

The Tampa ABC affiliate focused on Cain trying to get his message out on national security:

"What we plan to do is continue to take my messages straight to the people. Message of national security, strength. Peace through strength and clarity. That's resonated with people," Cain said. 

RAJ (Bo) McMerritt November 28, 2011 at 06:46 PM
one must be very very careful with ones mouth...am not good when I tell it like it is and I know what ''it'' is.
Alberta Treadway November 28, 2011 at 09:13 PM
I thought Cain just disappeared. The media droped him like a hot cake.
Charles Schelle November 28, 2011 at 09:38 PM
Who here thinks Sen. Detert's comments were blown out of proportion by the blogger and who thinks that there's a bigger back story here that the blogger wrote? Any political experts care to weigh in?
Matt Altieri November 28, 2011 at 09:52 PM
Herman Cain-will drive you insane and make you feel pain


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