Protests Planned at Unconditional Surrender This Evening

Awake the State, Tea Party and Republican Party will be protesting each other at "the kissing statue".

On  a day when the future of the city is decided as Sarasotans vote for three city commission candidates, hundreds will be voicing their opinion about Governor Rick Scott along Sarasota's Bayfront Tuesday evening. 

An "Awake the State" rally is being held across the state today to protest Scott's proposed budget cuts including, education,  the prescription drug monitoring program and cuts to state employees. Its slogan, "No Floridian can afford more budget cuts", is the theme to more than 30 protests across the Sunshine state. 

The Sarasota rally starts at 5pm at the Unconditional Surrender statue. Its  release tells attendees that "The budget cannot be balanced on the working families of our state. Bring signs and join us  by kiss statue on the Sarasota waterfront ... and be seen and heard at our rally at peak drive time in Sarasota."

After getting word of the anti-Scott rally, local Republicans, Tea Party members and 13 Patriots, Inc. decided to counter protest and will be at the "kissing statue" at 4:45pm. 

An email from 13 Patriots, Inc to supporters said, "there is a pro-union protest scheduled for this Tuesday at Kissing Statue. We must counter protest," the email said. "We all know that the unions are the 'army' of the Dems and far left.  They are bleeding the taxpayers dry, ruining our schools, and financially supporting the left wing agenda-with our tax dollars."

On Monday, the Republican Party of Sarasota sent out an email to its party member letting them know about the Awake the State rally. It urges its members to make sure their voice is heard on Tuesday. 

virginia hoffman March 09, 2011 at 02:13 PM
Well that statue is finally coming in handy. A very appropriate backdrop to challenge the extreme right by using what has become a symbol of the extreme right.
Regina Leadbetter March 16, 2012 at 12:55 PM
The Sarasota Bay Front has become a Florida version of London's Hyde Park: political rallies, statues, signs, art exhibits, protests, panhandlers, kids, commotion. What fun it is to be in downtown Sarasota, a lively vibrant community to be a part of. Everyone just enjoy it. Be glad we are Americans!


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