Romney Has Resounding Win in Sarasota

With 147 of 156 precincts counted, Romney takes more than 50 percent of the Sarasota vote.

It is said that as Sarasota votes, so goes the state. That appeared true Tuesday when Mitt Romney took a resounding win in Sarasota.

With 147 of 156 precincts counted, Romney took more than 50 percent of the votes.Newt Gingrich was in a distant second with just 27 percent of the vote.


% Michele Bachmann 0.24% 132 Herman Cain 0.11% 58 Newt Gingrich 27.24% 14,810 Jon Huntsman 0.47% 258 Gary Johnson 0.05% 27 Ron Paul 7.02% 3,819 Rick Perry 0.26% 142 Mitt Romney 50.86% 27,651 Rick Santorum 13.75% 7,474 Total votes cast
RJ February 03, 2012 at 11:01 AM
Obama all the way. the only person to turn down bills over and over to cut cost. it has to start somewhere and will take time and he is the one that's putting his foot down. and he keeps it real, no bs talks like all these people trying to run. one slams the other and the other does the same. don't care for him too much but if I would of voted it would of been for Ron Paul. he was the only one not running adds talking smack about the other guy. he stayed focused on his thoughts and goals if he were to run. No pun intended, I don't follow this type of thing, fuse one guy sick of seeing all the vulgar adds and slams all over tv. stop running your commercials talking negative comments on my daily show M*A*S*H* lol.


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