Laser-Focus on Defeating Rick Scott

Our focus for the next two years couldn’t be clearer. We intend to defeat Governor Rick Scott. He has put Florida on the wrong track and is out of touch with Florida's values.

The Sarasota County Democratic Party exceeded every expectation in President Obama’s victory in Florida this year, and we have emerged from the 2012 election stronger and more motivated than ever. So I was thrilled to be re-elected as chair to lead the party forward.

Our focus for the next two years couldn’t be clearer. We intend to defeat Governor Rick Scott. He has put Florida on the wrong track and has shown us over and over that he has the wrong priorities and is out of touch with Florida's values.

For example, he slashed hundreds of millions of dollars from Florida’s education system—the gateway to opportunity and the key to growing our economy—eliminating jobs and causing hardships for teachers, schools, children and families across the state.

He said “no” to billions of federal dollars that would have improved the health of Florida’s citizens and lowered everyone’s costs, while creating thousands of health care jobs. And he backed the voter suppression law, creating Florida’s election debacle that was a laughing stock of the nation. Yet he always seems to find the time and the tax dollars for handouts to his corporate friends.

Democrats believe we all benefit when every Floridian has a fair shot at success—not just those born to wealth or privilege. In Sarasota—just as in Orlando, Tampa, and Miami—we are building a new coalition based on this vision of a better America for all of us. These values resonated during the last election and we will continue to fight for these values as we make our case to the voters in 2014.

I was humbled by the efforts so many put into winning this last election for Barack Obama. And I expect I will be humbled again as our energetic and motivated Sarasota County Democrats take on the job of defeating Rick Scott and making Florida a better place to live and do business. Join us!

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Collin December 31, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Which voter suppression law did he back? Do you mean the one that says that you need to verify your identity with a valid Florida photo ID card to prove that you are the person whose name is in the book of eligible voters for that precinct? So you can't vote if you are not a resident of Florida or a legal citizen of the US, nor more than one time only per election. How out of touch with Florida's values that is!
John Wright December 31, 2012 at 07:36 PM
You want to defeat the same Rick Scott who turned around Florida's economy where the unemployment rate as a state is one of the lowest in the US? Where he wants voters and workers prove they're citizens? Who wants to drug test state workers and welfare recipients before they take our tax dollars? Whose values are with the middle class and not that of Hollywoods and rappers like P. Diddy and 50Cent? If you are working for a living and think you pay enought taxes then vote for Scott!
Donna Cubit-Swoyer January 01, 2013 at 10:55 AM
Getting rid of Rick Scott in my No. One priority for the next 2 years. Here's just a few of the reasons why: Florida has on of the worst programs in the nation for providing health care for our children, particularly the poorest of them. And Scott doesn't want to take Federal Health Care dollars to help when the return to our state would be greater that what it would cost us, i.e. our Fl tax dollars would be going to other states to finance their health care. What a raw deal for Florida's children and others who are affected! Scott made us the laughing stock of the country again this election. Even he is recanting on the terrible (and stupid) voter suppression laws he signed! The widespread voter fraud he claimed he was stopping never existed. Unemployment is down all over the country--Scott can't take credit for that!
michael mirra January 01, 2013 at 02:24 PM
Just refusing the Bullet Train from Tampa to Orlando is reason enough to recall Scott. He turned down stimulis $ that would have helped Florida, but God forbid he might look like he didn't demonize Obama at a time when the official republican agenda was to attempt to make Obama fail in hopes of limiting him to one term. I've lived in Florida since 1972 & the Bullet Train was always hoped for to make the Tampa-Orlando Corridor explode in commerce. The nearly instant connect between these metro areas could only be enhanced if they built other bullet trains from Tampa to Miami & from Orlando to Miami. The construction jobs would have paid a lot of $ into the Florida economy. Even workers from out of state would have spent the money here. The unemplyment has gone down, because Obama IS fixing the NATIONAL economy.
michael mirra January 01, 2013 at 02:27 PM
If Scott wasn't in Florida, Obama might not have caried the state. Long before the election, I knew Florida was likely to go for Obama because Scott was doing such a good job of delivering Florida to the Democratic fold.


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