Paul Ryan's Trojan Horse

The Ryan budget is a Trojan horse; nothing but thinly veiled social Darwinism.

We are facing one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Republicans are proposing to slash taxes for the wealthy, eliminate Medicare's guarantees, severely undermine Social Security and make other changes that threaten our rights, our health, and the future for us and our families.

The Paul Ryan budget passed last week by the U.S. House of Representatives on a near party line vote illustrates their vision for the future. Last Saturday’s editorial in the Tampa Bay Times summarized it well:

“House Republicans envision a country where Americans would be increasingly on their own to afford food and medical care even when they are elderly, disabled or poor. It also would be a nation with a tax code that tilts further toward benefiting corporations and the wealthy. [This budget] demonstrates just how determined House Republicans are to dismantle government's core functions.”

President Obama, in a speech to newspaper executives, is sharply critical of the Ryan proposal. He is quoted as saying, "It's a Trojan horse. Disguised as a deficit reduction plan, it's really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country --- it's nothing but thinly veiled social Darwinism."

Every Republican House member from the Tampa Bay area – including Sarasota’s Rep. Vern Buchanan – voted for this budget that would be a disaster for nearly everyone, except the very wealthy.

If you find this vision for America’s future disturbing, it is essential that you vote in the election this fall. Make sure you are registered to vote, and that you cast your ballot! Find more information on how to register here.

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Ernest grymes April 05, 2012 at 07:39 PM
What kind of BS is this?? Please explian how this country can survive with the way the government is spending and borrowing money. With our creidt ranking lowered and the economy in the worst shape then during the depression. The Obamanation is destroying our "FREEDOMS" and attempting to turn it into a socialist Islam country.
Henry Bright April 06, 2012 at 01:44 AM
Of course we need to bring our budget into balance. Everyone recognizes that. But the Ryan budget just throws the poor and middle class under the bus while cutting taxes for the very wealthy. The major reason for our budget deficit is the Bush tax cuts and the Bush wars, combined with the economic recession which started during Bush's term, caused in large part by Republicans' misguided weakening of oversight of the banks and Wall Street. And any real attempts to fix the problems are shot down by the Republicans because they believe a bad economy helps defeat Obama. The idea that Obama is destroyiing our freedoms and turning us into a socialist Islam country is outright nutty paranoia, completely without any basis whatsoever.
Don Charles April 07, 2012 at 03:51 AM
Henry Bright says "The idea that Obama is destroyiing our freedoms and turning us into a socialist Islam country is outright nutty paranoia, completely without any basis whatsoever." He must have his head in the sand all that Obuma is doing is leading us into being a third world country. Wake Up and see what is really happening. How's that hope and change treating you?
sirronalot April 07, 2012 at 12:49 PM
You are obviously a noise listener.
Henry Bright April 07, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Typical parroting of extreme right wing propaganda; assertions without citing any evidence. I wonder what actions of President Obama Don Charles thinks are leading us into being third world (which by the way is not the same thing as socialist islam, in case you didn't know). Is it President Obama’s adding 3.7 million private-sector jobs back into the economy in 23 straight months of job growth? Is it because he saved the American auto industry, and consequently the entire economy of the American Midwest? Is it because for the first time ever, health insurance companies can no longer cancel you or refuse to insure you if you have a so-called pre-existing condition? Is it because President Obama just delivered mortgage relief to 30 million Americans? Is it because President Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, guaranteeing women equal pay for equal work? Or maybe he doesn’t approve of President Obama’s foreign policy because he ended the war in Iraq? Or is it because he killed Osama Bin Laden and captured intelligence files that have led American forces to decimate the bulk of al-Qaida leadership around the world? I wonder!
jenny mader April 25, 2012 at 12:20 PM
It is obvious that Obama's liberal loons are out in full force. Please explain to me how liberals say Republicans are the rich, elite, Wall Street, private jet owners who have made their money off the backs of the poor BUT in the next breath are calling them the red necked, uneducated, hill jacks who cling to their guns and bibles. Which are they? Because I have yet to see a hillbilly, Wall Street, red necked, rich, uneducated jet owner. You have your riduclous talking points that have no basis and yet you over look the fact that OBAMA had control of the house and senate for 800+ days when seniors were denied raises for the last 3 yrs, when our health insurance has risen each year, when unemployment is still worse then when he took office, food stamps are up, disability claims are up and welfare is up, gas prices have doubled, government has expanded and disability will run out of money in 4 yrs and you want me to agree to 4 more years of this clown? I work in the health care field so do not tell me that this man is helping seniors. I see it first hand everyday I go to work. He is destorying this country and you are assisting him. Pull your head out of the sand, shut off the TV and do research on your own. Your comments are nothing but talking points from MSNBC's talking heads.
jenny mader April 25, 2012 at 12:34 PM
Henry, please look into what you have posted. You are obviously misimformed. Actually Ryan is trying to save the entitlement programs by controlling the spending. Ryan said if we don't get it under control, disability will run out soon. NOW, Obama's own people are admitting it will run out in 4 yrs. LOOK IT UP YOURSELF!!!!! I work everyday in the medical field and I am telling you Obama is DESTROYING the healthcare right under your nose and unless you work in a hospital as a Dr,etc. you do not have a clue what is happening. Also, you stated that the recession started under Bush's term.... well there you go, you admitted it yourself, the Democrats had control of the house and senate during Bush's last term so they were driving the ship that drove us into this. LOOK IT UP! Nancy Pelosi was at he helm. Obama took office and for 800+ days he had control of the house and the senate LOOK IT UP!
Henry Bright April 25, 2012 at 06:41 PM
I'm going to respond to just a few of jenny's statements. First, most of the very wealthy are Republicans. That is a fact. They drive Republican economic policy which is all about favoring business, free markets and cutting government services. Republicans also use the issues of guns, God and gays to get support from relatively poor people who either are not aware that they are voting against their own interests or they are aware but consider their social issues more important. Second, Obama never did have control of the Senate because Jon Kyl and Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson were ready to vote with Republicans to block any legislation they didn't like, meaning any liberal legislation. Third, yes, unemployment is still worse than when Obama took office (8.2% in March 2012 vs 7.8% in January 2009. But it was 9.4% in May 2009 and if you think that was caused by Obama in 4 months in office, you are even more biased than I think you are. It was 10% in October 2009 and has gone down steadily ever since. Fourth, I assume you are referring to the fact that Social Security did not increase for three years. That is the law, Obama neither had nor could have had anything to do with that. When the CPI does not increase, Social Security does not increase. That's the law. LOOK IT UP!


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