Booker High Grad Creates Klik App To Organize Cliques, Events

State College of Florida student Cory Lynch, 18, is hoping to raise $16,000 to publicly launch his Klik app, and is using IndieGoGo.com to make it happen.

State College of Florida student Cory Lynch is modest, but ambitious.

The 18-year-old graduate of Booker High School knew he wanted to get into some type of Web design and making smartphone apps, and he found the answers in his social circle. 

It's called Klik—a play-on-words of clique—to help organize parties and events with your friends easily in one app that aims to make sure only the people invited will see it and not your entire social stream or well, parents.

"I noticed a lot of people my age are always having problems finding what their friends are doing, and specifically, they don't like sharing their information with everyone on Facebook," Lynch told Patch. 

The app includes geolocational tracking users can turn on so you can see how far away they are from the party, and each person is color coded into a certain group of friends. 

"If they join Klik, you can put them in a certain group, and everyone can do what thy want," he said, adding that there are filters to sort the people.

Sure, on Facebook you can create groups of friends to protect your privacy from mom and dad and create an events. Ever try to create a party invitation on Facebook's smartphone app? You can't. You can only view your upcoming and prior events and birthdays and confirm whether you plan to attend or not.

"I've noticed a lot of people and myself included, want to go to something like an event in Tampa, and it's a club event , but you don't want your grandma to see it," he said.

A similar app, Twist, is more for business professionals than students, Lynch explained. In Twist, users can extract calendar appointments and invite people to certain events and will notify event attendees of your departure and arrival times. 

Klik sounds great so far, right? Lynch needs your help to finish the app. 

Like many aspiring smartphone app creators, he turned to a website called BizApps.com, to help create an app after pouring over hours of free tutorials on YouTube to get started. 

The beta test version is loaded on his phone, but in order for the public to use it, he needs server space, expert programmers and designers to help get it off the ground and into the Apple App Store. 

How much does that all cost? He believes it's $16,000, and has a campaign on IndieGoGo at Indiegogo.com/Klik, where people can donate to help him realize his entrepreneurial dream. Most of that cost is for the servers, he said. He has 20 days left and has raised $71, according to the site. 

Lynch said all it takes is one person to believe in your idea to help get him started, and knowing that he has a lofty fundraising goal and hoping to attract Silicon Valley experts, if you donate $4,000, he'll even fly you to Sarasota to discuss the project.

"This isn't them owning a part of it, just them donating to it, really," Lynch said.

He won't be discouraged if Klik doesn't receive its funding. He has a few ideas floating around that he wants to pursue, and credits his father Keith Lynch, who is an entrepreneur and designer at creative firm Brains Gone Wild.

"I like how he thinks of really good ideas and makes it happen instead of let it sit," Lynch said of his father.

The younger Lynch wants to chart is own course and despite the vast knowledge his dad has, he wants to learn things on his own and pursue a degree at Full Sail University after he receives his Associate's Degree from SCF.

Lucena Winberg October 25, 2012 at 12:49 PM
Aren't young people Amazing. Way to go Cory!
Keith Lynch October 25, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Great article, Charles! Thanks! :)
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