Sarasota High School on 'High Alert'

Principal Jeff Hradek sent out a telephone message to parents Thursday night to let them know that a threat was made.

Sarasota High School is on "high alert," "with extensive security mesaures in place," after a threat was made against the school, according to the school district.

The Sarasota County School District reported today that Sarasota High School Principal Jeff Hradek sent out a telephone message to parents Thursday night to let them know that a threat had been made against the school.

The school district is "safe, extensive security measures are in place, and the staff is on high alert regarding security," according to a written statement from the school district.

School was held as usual Friday, but is not in lockdown. Additional police officers were assigned to monitor activity around the school.

Since finals ended Thursday and today was  a makeup day, attendance was expected to be low.

 A threat also was posted involving Woodland Middle School. The North Port Police Department assigned additional officers to the school this morning.

The school also was placed on a limited lockdown, meaning that instruction continued as usual, but students were kept indoors.

 The threats made Thursday followed a week of social media activity, in which a number of general threats of violence against schools were made.

Police investigated a specific bomb threat against North Port High School Monday. A search of the campus revealed nothing suspicious.  

 The school district is working with law enforcement agencies across the county to identify the individuals responsible for posting threats to schools. Anyone who is identified will be prosecuted, according to the school district.

James Nasium December 21, 2012 at 10:58 PM
The gun touting fear monger creeps were and are always there. My god Florida is ignorant.
J. DARWIN SODER December 22, 2012 at 02:40 PM
People who make threats rarely carry them out. They are cowards who hide behind hidden identities. Truly dangerous perpetrators rarely threaten--they suddenly act.


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