School Bus Driver Faces Careless Driving Charge

No children were injured in the Thursday afternoon accident.

A Sarasota school bus driver is facing a careless driving charge after a minor crash Thursday afternoon.

The school bus, driven by Edward A. Kaplonski, 62 of Nokomis, was driving on eastbound Proctor Road in the left turning lane approaching Beneva Road when it didn't stop in time at a yellow light before striking the rear bumper of a 2005 Cadlilla STS, accoring to Florida Highway Patrol.

Nobody was injured, including the six people on the bus, according to Florida Highway Patrol.



Kathryn Baker January 18, 2013 at 11:24 PM
I can tell you that I have seen several school buses exceeding the speed limit. I know because they passed me and went on down the road while I was driving the speed limit. One of the instances was on Proctor Rd. about a month ago in that same location.


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