Superintendent Reads From The Rooftop At Sarasota Christian School

Sarasota Christian School Superintendent Jeff Shank had to move his office to the school's roof today thanks to a reading contest.

Shouting from the rooftop took on a literal meaning Tuesday at Sarasota Christian School.

The private school's Superintendent Jeff Shank climbed atop the school's roof with megaphone in hand and read to his students as part of a "Go Crazy For Reading" campaign at the school. 

Students voted for which teacher or administrator would have to do the craziest thing they signed up for. Votes were earned through each book purchased at the school's book fair. 

Bible teacher Brad Graber narrowly won the contest and would have had to shave his head if he received the most votes.

Instead, Shank relocated his office to the school's roof where he read stories to classes through a megaphone and surprised students with treats thrown from the roof while students delivered messages and some survival treats to Shank by placing them in a bucket tied to a rope for Shank to retrieve.

School officials say more than 385 books that were purchased at the book fair will generate an average of 46,000 minutes of reading.

Thanks to Amanda Stutzman, Director of Advancement & Communications 
Sarasota Christian School, for sharing this with us.

Maylin March 08, 2013 at 02:30 AM
Jeff Shenk has no ability to connect with or respect from the community outside of Mennonites... My son went there for a year and we were shocked at his inability to connect with any of our family.. The bad part is that our circle of friends could singlehandedly donate enough to build a new high school
Jonas May 29, 2013 at 08:07 PM
Jeff Shank is the sole reason our family left scs. Great people there but he did nothing but ask us for money and cater to mennonite people. The only reason we stayed was because of coach Helmuth and Shank fired him because Phil had more respect and a bigger name than he did. Hopefully the school board startys taking notice of what he is doing to the school.


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