Zombie Walk, 'Thriller' Performance Set For St. Armands

Sarasota High School students will lurch along St. Armands Circle as zombies and then perform Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

Don't mind the walking dead lurking in St. Armands Circle during Halloween. They're just there for a good time.

Sarasota High School students will present its fourth annual St. Armands Cirlce Fright Night tonight that includes a zombie walk, trick-or-treat and a performance of Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

It all starts at 6:30 p.m., when 50 students will do a zombie walk and surprising unsuspecting shoppers, leading then to the center of the circle where the "Thriller" dance will be performed at 8 p.m.

"This has become such a huge annual event on St. Armands," said Melissa Dweck, drama teacher at SHS. “Last year more than 3,000 spectators follow us to the Circle. The event has become so popular that we have organizations and places calling us from out in the community, asking us if we would be at their Halloween event."

On Oct. 18, 200 students tried out for a panel of judges at the school and only 50 zombies made the cut.

"The 'Thriller' event is not easy,” said Sarasota High senior Brenna Griffith. "We practice a lot, our make-up takes hours and we can’t be out in the heat before show time. But once the night is here and the crowds are cheering for us, there’s nothing more amazing then being at the center of St. Armands Circle dancing to 'Thriller.'"

Shops and restaurants will be open and booths will offer candy for trick-or-treaters as well.


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