2012 Orioles Pitchers and Catchers

Spring Training 2012 kicks off at Ed Smith Stadium today as the pitchers and catchers report for workouts.

The Baltimore Orioles' first day of Spring Training starts today with Pitchers and Catchers Day at Ed Smith Stadium.

Workouts will last from 9:15 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. Practices and workouts are free and open to the public.

The full squad will join them on Feb. 24. The Orioles' first home game is March 5 against the Pittsburgh Pirates at 7:05 p.m. 


#          PITCHERS (21)           

34           Arrieta, Jake                 RHP

35           Bergesen, Brad            RHP

49           Berken, Jason              RHP

53           Britton, Zach                 LHP

60           Bundy, Dylan                RHP

16           Chen, Wei-Yin              LHP

61           Drake, Oliver                RHP

37           Eveland, Dana             LHP

63           Gregg, Kevin                 RHP

#             Hammel, Jason            RHP

29           Hunter, Tommy            RHP

43           Johnson, Jim                RHP

#             Lindstrom, Matt           RHP

17           Matusz, Brian               LHP

56           O'Day, Darren              RHP 

40           Patton, Troy                  LHP

58           Phillips, Zach                LHP

55           Simon, Alfredo             RHP

47           Strop, Pedro                 RHP

30           Tillman, Chris               RHP

18           Wada, Tsuyoshi           LHP

#          CATCHERS (2)            

3             Teagarden, Taylor       CA

32           Wieters, Matt               CA


#          PITCHERS (9)              

#             Edell, Ryan                    LHP

#             Eyre, Willie                    RHP

#             Galarraga, Armando   RHP

#             Johnson, Steve            RHP

#             Link, Jon                        RHP

#             Neshek, Pat                  RHP

#             Reyes, Dennys             LHP

#             Socolovich, Miguel      RHP

#             Villarreal, Oscar            RHP

#          CATCHERS (4)            

#             Hester, John                 CA

#             Paulino, Ronny            CA

#             Sardinha, Dane            CA

#             Ward, Brian                  CA


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