Good Riddance, Full Moon -- Bring on the Bite

Steve Gibson of Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing in Sarasota is hopeful fishing for redfish, trout and snook in Sarasota Bay will improve without a full moon.


Steve Gibson reported that fishing this week slowed down in Sarasota Bay, likely due to the full moon and a high barometer.

So this week he fished the Bishop Harbor area in Manatee County, catching mainly trout to 20 inches and redfish to 22 inches on top-water plugs and jigs.

“Every day past the full moon the fishing should get better,” Gibson said. “I’m hoping we get good tides and this weekend things will return to normal.”

Gibson said he had been fishing some Stephen’s Point docks for catch-and-release snook.

He also reported catching a 27-inch trout Sept. 2 over deep-grass flats in Sarasota Bay using a DOA deadly combination.


Gibson recommends taking to the flats and targeting redfish. Also look for seatrout in 4-to-6 feet of water depth on a grass flat.

“If I had a calm day, I’d head to Port Charlotte to do some tarpon fishing,” he said. “They were at the mouth of the Peace River.”

But the weather has to be slick calm in order to see the tarpon rolling, he said.


“When fishing slows down, I slow my approach,” Gibson said. “I’ll start working my lure or bait a little slower, letting my jig get deeper. When fish are slow -- not aggressive -- they’re not triggered by a fast approach.”


Steve Gibson of Southern Drawl Kayak Fishing can be reached for a charter at 941-284-3406.


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