Mission Accomplished: Frye Reaches Alaska, End of Ride

J.W. Frye, the 28-year-old Sarasota resident, completed his roughly 7,500-mile bicycle ride from Key West to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska on Tuesday, capping a six-month ride for hospice.

Nothing was assured for J.W. Frye on the Dalton Highway in Alaska during the final stretch of his 7,500-mile bicycle ride for hospice.

There was no potable water, no food outlets, for about 100 miles, and for the first time during the entire trip, Frye questioned whether he would finish.

Yet the 28-year-old Sarasota resident finished, entering the oil-field town of Prudhoe Bay, AK, on Aug. 23, six months after leaving Key West.

He rode it all for hospice. Partially to honor his parents, who receive hospice care that inspired Frye before recently succumbing to cancer.

“To be honest there was a sense of shock almost,” Frye said. “This was something I was working at for two straight years. Everyday you continue to drive toward something without ever actually making it there. Then you’re finally there.”

What’s a man to do after peddling across the country, through various terrains, having ,  and ?

“I started scoping out a buffet,” Frye said. “I had to wait an hour or two for the buffet to open but I sat down and tore it up.”

Frye will hang out with friends in Alaska for a few weeks before returning to Sarasota in September

“I feel like a lot of what hospice does is provide people an ability to share their life story with someone else,” Frye said. “What’s pretty amazing was getting to go around and hear other people’s stories and also them hearing mine. That was a real beautiful thing.”

roger barkin August 30, 2011 at 12:11 PM
What a wonderful , selfless, way to bring attention to an incredible organization that has helped families in exceedingly uncomfortable situations. I am sure this was very therapeutic for him.
Ray Collins August 30, 2011 at 03:11 PM
A wonderful guy helping a wonderful organization. Absolutely amazing.


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