Viewfinder: Arts and Culture Night at the Marauders Photo Gallery

Art, music, theater, history and more came together at Thursday evening's Marauders baseball gamel.

Realize Bradenton's Executive Director, Johnette Isham, may have said it best when she referred to Bradenton as a "buffet table for culture and entertainment."

"We have everything here," Isham said, gesturing toward the row of tables set up for Arts and Culture Night and .

"From Snooty to the Marauders to the Manatee Players, there's a taste of everything."

Arts and Culture Night kicked off at 6:00pm on Thursday, an hour before the Marauders threw the first pitch against the Palm Beach Cardinals.The arts festivities continued for the duration of the game.

Latin band, Atlantico Tropical, played a lively set that kept the crowd entertained while ceramics demonstrations, caricatures, and interactive drawing tables gave everyone plenty to do before and during the game.

The came out to inform the public, along with the . Members dressed in period costume.

The Manatee Players had a booth as well, along with a selection of costumes for kids to play dress up. The Manatee Players run of Chicago draws to a close in one and a half weeks, but will be replaced by The Sound of Music on September 22.

To kick off the game, members of The Sound of Music cast took to the field to perform "Do-Re-Mi," from the musical.

"They should be rehearsing right now, but they get to play hooky for this," said Manatee Players Artistic Director, Rick Kerby.

Baseball. Theatre. Ceramics. Drawing. Coloring. History. Music.

Thursday night at McKechnie Field certainly was, as Isham said, a veritable buffet of arts and entertainment.

Maryann Lawler August 27, 2011 at 03:17 PM
Correction: the members present on behalf of the Manatee Village Historical Park were members of the Manatee County Historical Commission (not the Society) as well as our Supervisor for the Manatee Village Historical Park. We enjoyed being part of the event and appreciate all that Realize Bradenton has done to promote the arts, history and culture of Bradenton. Thank you!
Jessi Smith August 27, 2011 at 10:06 PM
My apologies for the error! I'm looking forward to checking out some of the events at the Manatee Village Historical Park in upcoming months - especially the "Spirit Voices From Old Manatee" event on October 22nd.


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