Next Year We Resolve To…

Every year New Year’s brings about vows to lose weight, eat better, stop bad habits and all those other things we should be doing throughout the year anyway. Here are the resolutions of some of the staff at Southeastern Guide Dogs.

I am tempted not to make any resolutions this year because I never keep them. If I were to make one and I really should, it would be to try and reach more people to let them know about our wonderful program so they too can become part of the 'Southeastern Family' through volunteering, donating or spreading the word to those who can benefit from our assistance. – Helen, Development

To spend more time with my beautiful wife, Melanie! – David, Training

I resolve to start moving my tail as much as our dogs do. – Miranda, Communications

My New Year’s Resolution is to buy and eat fewer sweets, so I can afford to buy more shoes. – Tara, Puppy Raising Services

I resolve not to have any New Year’s resolutions. – Toni, Volunteer Services

Spiritual = To remember I will be judged how I treat others not how they treat me.

Mental = Read 1 hour every day, anything. Go back to school and finish my associates.

Physical = Participate in 3 mini-triathlons in April, August and October, do 2-3 100k bike races, jog 5 miles EASY, learn how to turn around on my wind-surfboard, join the tennis league in January and learn how to play golf.

Financial = Have at least 3 months worth of food stored, and a nice nest egg in cash in case crap hits the fan.

Family = Remember all birthdays of my kids and grandkids. Help those around me have a better day and always, always count my many BLESSINGS. – Roxy, Puppy Kennel

Start smoking and gain weight. – Rick, Training (and resident funny guy)

I resolve to pay more attention!  At the risk of sounding like a Californian, that means being more present, not thinking an hour, day, week ahead and enjoying the moment. – Patsy, Communications

My resolution is to maintain an attitude of gratitude and count my blessings every day….umm...that and to say goodbye to potato chips! – Bridget, Development

My resolutions are to spend more time with family and get more exercise. – Andy, Development

Same resolution I always have, to lose weight! Haha – Kathleen, Training Kennel

Eat healthier foods! – Leslie, Puppy Raising Services

Retire – Chuck, Graduate Services (our other resident funny guy)

My New Year’s Resolution is to actually USE my awesome gym membership! – Caitlin, Training

I will wake up earlier to be more productive! – Stacey, Communications

Live life the best way I can! – Leanne, Training

Break the shackles of living in a paper world—or at least make advancements in that area, including using a scanner to convert newspaper articles to digital form.

Get a SmartPhone, and—this is important—actually learn how to use it! I may even succumb to reading the manual.

Learn Southeastern Guide Dogs’ training techniques and see if I can get my two incorrigible feline males to stop misbehaving. (I keep threatening to replace them with a puppy to no avail.)

Eat less cheese….I love cheese….I am a cheese junkie.

- Carol, Puppy Raising Services

I will actively listen, as opposed to hearing.  Think more before speaking.  Spend more time with my husband by doing the things that he enjoys.  And finally improve my time during the Women’s Half Marathon as a direct result of increasing my training regimen. – Jennifer, Communications (your weekly guide into the world of Southeastern Guide Dogs)


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