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I am a humanitarian an philanthropist always looking for ways to make things better for the greater good.  My back ground is in marketing an management as well as eastern and western medicine practices.  I have also deeply studied and followed a sustainable life style which is now commonly called a green or Eco-friendly life style.  When I was being brought up that was how we lived, it was all I knew.  It was a life of home remedies, several acres of gardens, making preserves, canning fruits and vegetables for the winter.  We raised our own pigs, cows, chickens, goats and my aunt made most of our clothing.  It was a much simpler time.  I now look for ways to make our time as simple and prosperous as possible by using as many of the things as I can from when I grew up with some of the new tricks I have learned along the way.   I have rolled all of this into one business an have named it Do the Right Thing as it just seemed fitting.
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